Monthly Archives: November 2020

Zimbabwe: reviving the rural economy in Zim

ZIMBABWE’s rural economy plays an important role in national food production, the reduction of extreme poverty and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat) Population Survey 2017 estimates that over 68% of the Zimbabwean population lives in rural areas, which are categorized into …

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USDA invests $ 871 million in rural community facilities in 43 states, Guam

WASHINGTON, DC (WIBW) – The US Department of Agriculture is investing $ 871 million in rural community facilities in 43 states and Guam. The US Department of Agriculture says it is investing $ 871 million to improve essential community facilities that will benefit 3.5 million rural residents in 43 states …

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How the Electoral College Protects the Rural Community

As of this writing, the results of the presidential election are not yet known. But there are some things we can already take away from this year’s election. One of the most distinct elements is the urban and rural divide. If presidents were elected by acreage, Republicans would still win …

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