A cheesemonger gives school children a valuable farming lesson

Schoolchildren in AUSTWICK have been given a hands-on lesson in cheese making, courtesy of Andy Swinscoe, owner of The Courtyard Dairy.

“It was a great opportunity to give the kids hands-on knowledge about cheese making and farming in general,” Andy said.

“Their teacher had told me that as part of their program, the children had to learn how to make cheese. So they invited me to hear it all – straight from the horse’s mouth.

Children learned about farming and animals that give milk, tasting cheese and guessing the source animal and age of various cheeses, before curdling and making cheese themselves.

Andy added: “I think people in general can be disconnected from where their food comes from.

“In our rural community, there are fabulous family farms – people who farm in a truly inspiring and sustainable way. It’s great to connect those who don’t know enough about where their food comes from with those who earn their living. life, and it is particularly important to start this at a young age so that children are interested in food and cooking, and continue in adulthood to support local products.

“It was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.”

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