Agriculture in transition

A webinar on the transition to a more sustainable agricultural model in the face of climate change was organized on December 8.

Featuring experts from the European Union and New Zealand in sustainable agriculture, the webinar will examine current initiatives in this area, such as strategy, regulation, standards, research and innovation of the EU from farm to fork. Registration is free.

Organizers say the EU and New Zealand can be separated by geography, but are united by a common pride in their strong agricultural roots and traditions.

“Now, as the world faces the existential challenges of climate change, how can we embrace these traditions during the transition?

“How do we manage the environmental clean-up of our soils and our waters, the loss of biodiversity and the guarantee of food security?”

“And how do you draw inspiration from an indigenous approach to sustainability? “

Speakers include Jeroen Candel – Associate Professor of Food and Agricultural Policy at Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

In his research, he studies how governments, from local to European level, can support a transition to a more sustainable food system. In his most recent publications he has reflected on the revolutionary potential of the EU’s farm-to-fork strategy and made recommendations for improving the common agricultural policy.

Dr Gwen Grelet, Landcare Research, is an expert in all aspects of the interactions and links between plants and microbes, how animals influence these links, the connectivity of the soil food web, and the connection between humans and the earth.

Maori researcher, activist and producer Dr Jessica Hutchings lives on a small family farm in Kaitoke, north of Wellington. Her PhD is in Environmental Studies and she has worked in the Maori research sector for the past two decades leading and supporting Kaupapa Maori research to bring transformation to diverse Maori communities.

Felix Mittermayer, owner of an Austrian organic farm, works in the fields of agriculture, food security and regional development. Felix transformed the farm from traditional agriculture to organic meat production. The farm is located in the Austrian mountains and has 10 ha of permanent pasture and 20 ha of old-growth forest.

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