Albania pledges to meet Green Deal organic farming targets by 2030 –

Albania is confident that it can meet the European Green Deal target of 25% organic farmland by 2030 without negative impact on farmers or consumers during the transition, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Frida Krifca.

Krifca represented Albania at the 33rd Regional Conference for Europe in Poland, organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

“Albania is committed to expanding the use of organic farming methods to meet the EU target of 25% organic farmland…we are still a long way off, but with the help from various partners, we are striving to achieve this,” she said.

Krifca noted that many farmers fear that the green transition will negatively affect their livelihoods and their ability to feed people at affordable costs. She continued that it is possible to make the transition while ensuring continued agricultural production to meet the needs of the population.

“As we speak, we are finalizing our national agriculture strategy, key pillars ensuring the introduction of farming practices that have less impact on the environment while maintaining and increasing yield,” she added, with a nod to traditional agrosystems, including the planting of olive trees and sustainable use. pastures, as measures that will be introduced.

Ministers and government representatives from across Europe and Central Asia gathered at the conference to discuss the impact of the Russian war in Ukraine on agrosystems and how to accelerate efforts to transform global agri-food systems.

The aim is to facilitate better food security, inclusive and environmentally friendly development and better nutrition.

“This is a key moment to discuss appropriate responses and share proven solutions to help policymakers in the region address these challenges,” FAO Director-General QU Dongyu said in his opening remarks. the thirty-third session of the Regional Conference.

The Europe and Central Asia region is home to more than 900 million people and is in a “good position” as a global food basket and a leader in agrifood production.

The region “plays a key role in global food security” and is an important “source of new ideas and inspiration for the whole world”, said Henryk Kowalczyk, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Development country in Poland in his opening speech.

Krifca met with Kowalczyk during his stay in Poland to discuss agricultural development processes leading to EU integration.

“Poland has gone through quite significant agricultural development processes on the way to integration into the European Union and their valuable experience in negotiating agricultural chapters for the legislation approach that we would like to implement for our own needs,” the minister wrote on Facebook.

She added that Kowalczyk said he supported Albania in the EU “as soon as possible” and was there to lend his support and expertise to his ministry.

She then met with Dongyu and it was announced that they were in talks to host the 2024 European Regional Conference in Tirana.

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