Alstom partners with United Way of Bengaluru for integrated rural development in Selakarichal panchayat, Coimbatore

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Coimbatore: In line with its commitment to corporate citizenship, Alstom has collaborated with United Way of Bengaluru (UWBe) – a non-profit organization registered with the FCRA to launch “Rural Rising” – an integrated rural development program in Selakarachal Gram Panchayat, Sultanpet Block in Coimbatore, in January this year. The objective of this initiative is to improve the overall condition of the gram panchayat in line with the indicators defined by the Government of India’s Mission Antyodaya survey.

The Alstom and United Way of Bengaluru team worked with government departments, panchayat leaders and the community to carry out important development activities in the areas of education, environment and sanitation.

Under this program, two Anganwadi centers have been strengthened with new services, facilities and infrastructure to make these centers safer and child-friendly. A public primary school was supported with a newly built kitchen and renovated toilets. More than 200 Anganwadi children and 150 schoolchildren will benefit from this intervention. All initiatives are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and directly address 7 of these goals.

In addition, a complete community sanitary complex (community toilets) has been built with easy access for disabled citizens as well. This initiative will raise community awareness of sanitation and improve the sanitary and hygienic situation of approximately 500 families in the region. The building will also be upgraded with solar systems over the coming year to make it eco-friendly and sustainable.

The handover event was honored by Kandasamy VP MLA, Sulur Constituency; Navamani, Block Development Officer; K. Kavitha, Project Manager, District Rural Development Agency, Coimbatore District Panchayat; Sensei Muthuraju – Regular BDO; A. Subbulakshmi – BDO – GP; E. Francis Charles, Assistant Education Officer; K. Karuppasam, president of the cooperative; V. Shanthi – BDO Area Deputy; S. Salma, Child Development Project Manager; P. Murugeshwari, District Program Officer; E. Maragathavadivu Karuppasamy, President of the Panchayat; S Selvakumar, Site General Manager at Alstom and Sriram Ananthanarayanan, Project Manager at United Way of Bengaluru.

“At Alstom, through our CSR initiatives, we have made constant efforts to provide quality education, encourage hygiene practices and improve access to healthcare services for disadvantaged people, while creating a sustainable environment around of our operating areas. For this initiative, we worked with UWBe on pain points and prioritized and synergized with Panchayat on next steps. We are committed to supporting socio-economic development, strengthening community relations while encouraging citizenship and engagement among Alstom employees” S Selvakumar, Site General Manager at Alstom.

Earlier this year, a tractor was donated to the local panchayat which has helped improve effective solid waste management in the region, benefiting approximately 1000 families in 5 villages in the panchayat.

On World Environment Day 2022, around 600 saplings were planted in response to saving the environment with support from the Forestry Department as well. All the planting was carried out by volunteers from the Alstom factory in Coimbatore. The panchayat contributed by ensuring a comprehensive drip irrigation system was put in place to nurture the young trees. To mark International Women’s Day, health and nutrition kits were distributed to over 500 women in the community. It was a very colorful event with entertainment performances put on by the women of the community.

“United Way, in partnership with Alstom, embarked on this journey with a mission to demonstrate effective partnership with government and the panchayat to meet community development needs. The idea is to ensure that each activity is sustainable and that the community takes ownership of the use and maintenance. Thanks to all the officials and panchayat leaders that we have been able to accomplish these tasks and we see a great opportunity to do more in this area,” said Sriram Ananthanarayanan, Director of Projects, UWBe.

During the 2nd year of the “Rural Rising” initiative (2022-2023), the focus is on improving the quality of education in Anganwadi centers and schools by providing the capacity building trainings necessary skills for teachers and educational materials for students. Making the panchayat energy efficient is also one of the main focus areas.

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