Aurivo is looking for candidates for a revolutionary sustainable agriculture program

AURIVO is calling on its farmer members to apply to participate in a groundbreaking new sustainable agriculture initiative, which aims to help farmers produce nutritious meat and dairy products while dramatically improving their farm’s carbon footprint.

Aurivo is calling for applications from its 10,000 dairy, cattle and sheep farmer members to participate in the five-year sustainable agriculture program Agrinewal in partnership with agri-tech company Devenish. Aurivo will fund program participation for successful applicants.

By accurately measuring on-farm carbon emissions and, uniquely, carbon sequestration, Agrinewal aims to help farmers take practical steps to improve on-farm financial performance, soil health, welfare animal welfare and water quality, while reducing harmful emissions and increasing biodiversity.

As part of the program, successful candidates will:

Perform a full activity review to establish a carbon baseline

Define company KPIs against industry best practices that are relevant to their farm

Be assisted in designing a personalized improvement roadmap for their agricultural business

Have access to management tools to record and manage information about their operation

If participating farmers can show that they have made a measurable improvement in soil organic carbon in their soils and a decrease in on-farm greenhouse gas emissions compared to a measured baseline, they could create voluntary carbon credits and may be able to sell their carbon credits. in the future. However, this is of course subject to future government legislation.

Said Stephen Blewitt, Managing Director Dairy at Aurivo: “We are delighted to partner with Devenish on Agrinewal which aims to reduce carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality at farm level. Sustainability is built into everything we do at Aurivo and we are committed to supporting farmers every step of the way to ensure the prosperity of our environment and our rural communities for future generations.

“We are calling on interested farmers to apply to participate in this first-of-its-kind trial program which gives them the opportunity to improve their performance and efficiency through a whole farm financial and environmental approach.

“Around 10 farmers will be chosen to participate and they will be guided to take environmental actions which will in turn improve farm efficiency and support their farms’ journey towards carbon neutrality.”

Farmers will be chosen to participate based on their willingness to conduct farm walks, share information about their farm as part of the program, and demonstrated interest in the environment, among other criteria.

For more information, farmers are advised to visit their local Homeland store or Aurivo Mart or visit

Applications close April 29.

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