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Farmers belonging to the Nhan Tam Agricultural Service Cooperative in Ba Ria–Vung Tau Xuyen Moc district in the province harvests longan from land that has been given agricultural codes. (Photo: VNA)

Ba Ria–Vung Tau (VNA) – The southern province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau helps farmers register their land codes to facilitate exports.

To obtain a production unit code, a farmer must have at least 6 ha and follow Vietnam Good Agricultural Practices (VietGAP) or other equivalent quality standards.

The province has eight agricultural zones that have received codes from the Department of Plant Protection.

A longan cultivation area of ​​29.5 ha and two banana areas covering 420 ha in Xuyen Moc and Chau Duc districts export to China, two longan areas covering 24 ha in Xuyen Moc export to USA and Australia and three grapefruit areas covering 50 ha in Phu town My company is exporting to EU.

There are also two establishments that pack bananas for export to China and the Republic of Korea that have codes.

Phan The Hoanh, director of Nhan Tam agricultural service cooperative in Xuyen Moc district, said the cooperative received a code for its 29.5 ha of longan orchards in 2018 and exported the fruit through official channels to China.

During the last longan harvest season, it completed export procedures to Japan and now ships an average of 12 tons per month to that country.

The codes have helped improve the competitiveness of agricultural products and develop sustainable value chains for agricultural products, Hoanh said.

Nguyen Chi Duc, head of the province’s plant protection and cultivation sub-department, said the sub-department helps farmers register the codes of major fruits.

He asks the plant protection department to grant the codes to four
grapefruit cultivation areas in Phu My town for export to China, he said.

It is in the process of applying for the codes for four dragon fruit growing areas with a total of 57 ha in Xuyen Moc district and six durian growing areas with a total of 80 ha in Chau Duc district, said he declared.

These areas have already VietGAP certification, he says.

The provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has applied for VietGAP and GlobalGAP certification and has developed value chains for high-quality agricultural products for export.

He encouraged advocacy to make farmers and businesses aware of the need to strictly comply with code requirements.

The Song Xoai Green-Skinned Pink-Flesh Grapefruit Cooperative in Phu My Town owns 18 ha of grapefruit farms that produce 540 tons per year of organic fruit, maintains a cultivation schedule and has a brand name.

Ho Hoang Kha, deputy director of the cooperative, said the grapefruits qualify for export to China and the EU.

The cooperative is completing procedures to apply for the code, he said, adding that the cooperative hopes to receive the code soon to facilitate exports.

Agricultural products that meet export requirements but lack the codes face difficulties, according to many cooperatives./.

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