Backyard Poultry Farming

Importance of Backyard Poultry

Backyard poultry makes a substantial contribution to household food security in the developing world. They are used as sources of meat and eggs for consumption. It is a source of income and therefore represents a major contribution to poverty reduction. The demand for backyard poultry is increasing day by day in urban areas as well. It is an alternative source of animal protein as it can be slaughtered and consumed in a single meal and therefore does not require special storage facilities. Backyard poultry is also intended for the welfare of women and children in developing countries. In addition to rural households, these low-input, low-output poultry systems are an integral part of the livelihoods of most rural, peri-urban and urban households. The flocks are barely more than 30 adult birds per household and a minimum of care without supplementation is necessary for their maintenance.

Regarding their accommodation, a night shelter is given to them during the summer to protect them from predators. Night shelters include rudimentary chicken coops. They are left in the morning to consume available insects, fallen grain and kitchen scraps around the house and take care of themselves. Backyard poultry are excellent foragers. Salvaged food mainly includes insects, food scraps, green grass, leafy vegetables and grains. They also help to control pests, and with their help, waste materials (insects, ants, fallen grains, green grass, kitchen scraps and plant wastes, etc.) can be effectively converted into egg and chicken meat for cooking. human consumption.

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