Rural community

Supporting the rural Welsh community to offer more

Green Industries Wales, the independent collaboration and discovery network for the green economy in Wales, recently announced its first Hybrid Skills Council meeting, bringing together leading organizations and people in Wales focused on the agenda of green skills.. In 2019, Nigel Hollett took the reins as Director of the Country …

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What does it take to rejuvenate a declining rural community?

To thrive in the future, rural Australian communities must simultaneously build economic, social, cultural and creative capital, writes Matt Pfahlert, CEO of the Australian Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, who explains why social enterprise and community rejuvenation are essential. While many people dream of an idyllic life beyond the city lights, …

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A rural community thirsty for financial literacy

The business community in the Omaheke region has recently come in favorable numbers and with a thirst for understanding the basics of financial management. A newly founded Namibian nonprofit, Hitambo Virtual Academy, provided basic financial education services to the community this month and aims to expand the education program nationwide. …

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