Rural community – Indice Rural Sun, 07 Nov 2021 16:33:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Rural community – Indice Rural 32 32 The Fermanagh Rural Community Network celebrates the community with prizes Sun, 24 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000 The Fermanagh Rural Community Network (FRCN) held its Annual General Meeting (AGA) and Celebrating Community Achievement Awards via a Zoom online meeting on Monday October 18th.

Louise McLaughlin, President of FRCN, welcomed the 50+ people present by Zoom to what was the network’s 27th AGM and the 20th Celebration of Community Achievement.

Barry Boyle, Network Coordinator, gave an overview of FRCN’s work over the past year as a local rural support network, offering community development support activities to benefit and support rural communities in County Fermanagh during a difficult year, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on community organizations and society in general.

Guest speaker Veronica Morris, Executive Director of Rural Support, gave a comprehensive presentation of the support programs offered by their organization to farmers and farm family members. Further details on the support available are available on the website: UK

2021 Community Excellence Awards Celebration

At the 2021 Celebrating Community Achievement Awards, winners were announced in the two categories “Local Community Activity” and “Someone Who Made a Difference”.

In both categories there were several applications demonstrating the extensive level of community volunteer activity taking place throughout rural County Fermanagh.

Local community activity was the first category to be announced with ‘The Courthouse Kesh Limited’ named as the winning group.

This group was named for their success in developing and operating a community service center specially designed to meet the needs of the people of their village and the surrounding vast rural area.

This project involved several years of planning, from identifying the initial need, through securing a site in the village of Kesh and funding until the opening of the “Courthouse” in October 2019.

The services provided at this community hub include a food bank, friendship and support activities, addiction services, family support, health and wellness activities.

The center also includes a cafe open to locals and visitors with information for tourists and those wishing to research their family history.

The center also provides volunteer opportunities for local people who can help out in the cafe by helping them overcome loneliness and isolation by meeting other people and taking advantage of the services offered.

The efforts of this group have enabled the Courthouse to become a hub for the community of Kesh, providing much-needed services and activities.

Other groups nominated for their local community activity included:

Derrylin Dramatic Society

This group has been operating for several years and undertakes work in the fields of theater, music, song and dance within their community.

Magheraveely Community Development Association

This association has been active for several years in their village and has endeavored to obtain a site and funding for community equipment; this saw the opening of the “Sunshine Cabin” in June 2021.

Group of Boho Seniors

This group has been operating for several years within the Boho community hall and during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has adapted its activities by distributing health and well-being packs to more than thirty people at Christmas 2020 and at Easter 2021, so that senior members of the local community received materials that helped them cope with isolation and lack of social activities.

People who made the difference

In this category, there have been several nominations recognizing individuals who have dedicated a great deal of volunteer time and effort to make a difference in their local communities.

Those responsible for judging the nominations had a difficult task in selecting a winner and indeed all nominees are individuals whose contribution to their community deserves to be recognized. This is the eleventh year that FRCN has presented the cup, which was commissioned in memory of one of the founding members Gabriel D’Arcy who died in October 2011.

The winner of the Gabriel D’Arcy Perpetual Cup was Gretta Famer from Boho.

Gretta was nominated for her many years of community service to her local rural Boho community, being a founding member of several local associations including Boho Women’s Group and Bo Peeps Playgroup, leading to the provision of a range of facilities and services. , including community hall, playgroup, play park, sports field.

Gretta has served as the Treasurer of the Boho Community Association for many years, devoting countless hours to fundraising, applying for grants, and securing the finances of the community association.

It was noted in the application that Gretta was never a person to stand still and that her efforts serve as an example to all of how you can make a positive difference in the lives of local families and individuals and that the community of Boho is a much richer place thanks to a lifetime of volunteering undertaken by Gretta: countless children have benefited from preschool education thanks to her work in creating a daycare recognized by the Inspectorate of the ‘Education; many women made new friends, gained new skills and experiences; and the wider Boho community have benefited from the range of facilities and services that are now available and provided by the former Tullyholvin National School. The following people have been nominated for the positive difference they are making in their local communities.

Gerry Collum – Cashel

Gerry was nominated for his active role in the local community of Cashel as a community center caretaker since 1993, church caretaker, delivering meals, and general handyman doing odd jobs for many seniors.

Aine McGahey – Boho Youth Club

Aine was nominated for her work in leading the creation of a youth club in Boho, with a committee being formed and funding secured for events held during the summer for young people to engage in outdoor activities, with other plans underway for indoor activities

Tony McAvinney – Magheraveely Community Development Association

Tony was nominated for his volunteer community work for the village and the people of Magheraveely knowing that since Tony returned to the village about eight years ago he immediately got involved in community life and is known as the name of “The Great Motivator is his enthusiasm for getting things done and involving others, the opening of the Sunshine Cabin being a special demonstration of his leadership.

Marion Parker – Women as one

Marion was nominated for her work with the Women as One group which normally operates out of the Belcoo Healthy Living Center, and it was noted that Marion deserves to be recognized for her efforts to keep the group active during Covid-19. .

Joan Rice – Fermanagh Stroke Support Group

Joan has been nominated for her endless hours of volunteer service with this group since 2014, helping organize activities for the Stroke Survivors Tuesday Club, working in the Stroke Shop, organizing trips, arts and crafts classes. and social outings for group members.

Caroline Nicholson – Bellanaleck Community Group

Caroline was nominated for her work in the local community, including serving as a member of the Bellanaleck Community Group, the Bellanaleck Local History Group, and as a volunteer with the National Trust.

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Supporting the rural Welsh community to offer more Tue, 19 Oct 2021 04:30:04 +0000

Green Industries Wales, the independent collaboration and discovery network for the green economy in Wales, recently announced its first Hybrid Skills Council meeting, bringing together leading organizations and people in Wales focused on the agenda of green skills..

In 2019, Nigel Hollett took the reins as Director of the Country Land and Business Association in Wales (CLA Cymru). Nigel lives on the Gower Peninsula. He spent much of his childhood working on family farms where he developed a keen interest in rural affairs. Nigel previously worked in Wales with the former Environment Agency, the Welsh government, local government, universities and business. He has also worked across the UK, as Managing Director of a UK Sector Skills Council, in the private council and in various skills bodies.

CLA represents around 30,000 landowners, farmers and rural businesses who manage over 10 million acres of rural land in England and Wales. The rural economy contributes some £ 250 billion to the economy as a whole.

Nigel Hollett says,

“Performing to its full potential, the rural Welsh economy could offer even more. “

Nigel chatting with Economic news Wales on the training of the Green Skills Council.

He said:

“I think the Green Skills Council is a great idea! What I think he’s really going to do is bring together the main organizations involved in skills in Wales. For me, really, it’s joining things together.

He adds that

“If we can come together to tackle the main issues related to climate change, it will help move things forward. “

Discussing the benefits of the Council, Nigel underlines the importance of involving the private sector, of which CLA is an important part.

Aligned with Green Industries Wales’ Main objective, this first session took place at 10 a.m. on Friday 1 October, with a focus on connecting organizations and individuals to highlight existing projects, companies and programs based on green skills through Wales – identify collective challenges and opportunities, explore areas for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

With most industry and government experts predicting that decarbonization targets will be met through a blended energy solution – harnessing the power of biomass, carbon capture, geothermal, gasoline pumps and technologies. fuel, fusion, hydropower, hydrogen, solar, tidal and wind – question marks remain about the skills and competences needed to give Wales a sustainable talent pool capable of enabling this green transformation.

The date for the first Green Skills Council in October could not have come at a more relevant time, after last month’s UN climate change report by the IPCC signaling ‘code red for humanity’ – and ahead of the conference. COP26 in November, which will bring together the nations of the world to work towards common decarbonization goals.

With major Welsh employers such as Airbus, BOC, Costain, DOW, Dwr ​​Cymru and Wales & West Utilities, working increasingly closely with universities to find the right way forward in terms of energy and resources human rights – and with government working at all levels to establish a common approach to the future of energy in Wales – the first results of this first Hybrid Green Skills Council are sure to feed into debates and plans for action, as industry and education begin to shape workforce planning for a green Wales.

For more information contact [email protected]

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Indiantown Terra Lago development could reshape the rural community Fri, 15 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

My wife and I were driving along Warfield Boulevard in Indiantown a few days ago, past a bunch of corporate chains and a handful of family owned restaurants.

“Where is the city center?” My wife asked.

“I think we just passed him,” I replied.

This may not be what locals would consider downtown. Maybe for them it is the street where the seat of the village government is located in an unpretentious shopping center. Or maybe it’s the neighboring civic center.

The point is, Indiantown is not a very big place. That could change, however.

The Garcia Companies, a Virginia-based company, has come up with a huge mixed-use project that could transform the laid-back community of western Martin County.

The plans call for about 2,500 residences, mostly single-family homes, as well as about 100,000 square feet of retail space, a clubhouse and recreation center, and possibly a 200-bed assisted living center.