Companies invited to support peanut cultivation

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Mashonaland West Office
ENTERPRISES in the agri-food industries should complement government in supporting the agricultural sector where most of their raw materials are produced, an official said.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of at least 70 Agritex officers from Makonde District on Sunday, Deputy Minister of Information, Advertising and Broadcasting Services Cde Kindness Paradza said the support to agriculture would help reduce the import bill.

While the Second Republic through various mechanisms supported farmers in its plan for the recovery of agriculture, peanut production across the country has remained solely an activity carried out by the farmers themselves and mainly rural women.

In an effort to reduce peanut imports to meet its production needs, a local company, Odzi Food Industries (OFI), injected $ 130,000 worth of inputs and plowing services to farmers in Makonde constituencies and Mhangura.

This was done with the aim of increasing peanut production, while boosting the company’s operations thanks to the availability of the raw material. OFI chief executive David Jazire said the company had a three-year pilot project in Chitomborwizi, Makonde district, engaging 800 farmers who yielded an average of 700 tonnes.

“The expansion of the contract farming program is targeting the 19 wards in the district to meet our target of 3,000 tonnes of peanuts,” he said.

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