Cotswold School hosts Agriculture and Rural Economy Careers Day

Pupils from the Cotswold School in Bourton attended an agricultural career fair last month for the first time in five years.

Agriculture and Rural Economy Career Day is a biennial appointment on the school calendar, but was canceled in 2019 due to bad weather and postponed to 2021 due to coronavirus restrictions.

He returned to the Avenue field on a sunny day at the end of June. Pupils in grades 7-10 and 12, as well as children from Bourton Primary School, visited exhibitors’ booths to learn about topics such as biodiversity, arable crops, caring horses and estate management.

They interacted with representatives and owners of various rural businesses and experienced hands-on activities to help them learn more about the local economy and the different careers available.

Students were able to ride a combine harvester, tractors and even use a race horse simulator.

Tanya Robbins from Nosehill Farm, Stow-on-the-Wold helped organize the event along with Phil White, career leader and head of sixth form at the Cotswold School.

Tanya Robbins of Nosehill Farm speaks to students

“As a farmer, the interest shown by the children was very encouraging and we also really enjoyed talking with the teachers,” Tanya said.

A racing and horse industry representative said, “The kids were all very polite and loved the mechanical horse.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Bourton Vale Equestrian Center Race Horse SimulatorBourton Vale Equestrian Center Race Horse Simulator

“It was great to see them gaining confidence as they pushed past when they entered the pitch to try later.

“We had a lot of fun.”

Another exhibitor commented, “It gives companies the best opportunity to introduce their organization to young people. It was great to see the number of local businesses there to give the students a broader idea of ​​what’s in the rural area.”

Exhibits and interactive activities included planting seeds, sorting fossils, estimating weight and sampling vegetables. Each invited company answered a quiz that people had to answer during their visit to the fair.

Exhibitors included Cotswold Farm Park, Hacklings, Cotteswold Dairy, Tayler & Fletcher, Tree Frontiers, Keighley Racing, Nosehill Farm. There were also many local growers as well as continuing education providers including the Royal Agricultural University and Hartpury College.

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