CPU acquires food and agricultural inputs for storm victims

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Yoliswa Dube-Moyo, Office Manager Mat South
The Gwanda District Civil Protection Unit secured tents, food, grain and agricultural inputs to assist 25 families in the district’s Matekenya village who were affected by a thunderstorm that hit the area the day after. Christmas.

Heavy rains, accompanied by high winds, destroyed several houses and uprooted trees as cattle were struck by lightning.
Families were left without food or shelter and had to brave wet clothes on their backs, while the rains completely destroyed their crops.

The chairman of the Gwanda District Civil Protection Unit and Acting District Development Coordinator, Mr. Thulani Moyo, said the Ministry of Land, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement had approved their request to distribute agricultural inputs to affected families as they begin to rebuild their lives.

“Their crops were completely destroyed during the storm and they needed input support. We wrote a report to the Ministry of Land, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement and they have since approved our request to resupply the region with inputs. Agritex agents are actually on the ground to facilitate this, ”Mr. Moyo said.

He said families were living in temporary shelters as they prepared to rebuild their homes.

“The Red Cross provided affected families in Matekenya with 40 tents, which we have since distributed. The CPU managed to buy us 2.5 tonnes of grain, which should cover the months of January and February. They also gave us money to buy other foodstuffs that we will collect today (yesterday). We will probably distribute on Friday or Saturday, ”Moyo said.

In the long term, the CPU engages the villagers to build stronger structures, added Moyo.

The province of South Matabeleland has recently recorded a number of incidents where the roofs of schools, health facilities and homes were blown away by high winds during thunderstorms.

About a month ago, students at Bengo Primary School in South Gwanda were left in the open after part of the school’s roof was lost in a thunderstorm. The Sainte-Anne hospital and the Tshelanyemba mission hospital were also affected.

Manama Mission Hospital is being repaired after infrastructure was severely damaged by a severe storm in early October last year.

The roofs of several departments including the maternity ward were washed away following heavy rains accompanied by strong winds.

High winds and heavy rains that hit the Manama region also left the hospital without power after damaged solar panels as well as water tanks and telecommunications cables, leading to the suspension of essential services. – @Yolisswa

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