Cumbrian farming community: ‘Time will tell’ on new Prime Minister Liz Truss

PRIME Minister Liz Truss’ pledge to improve food safety in Britain by ‘simplifying red tape’ and ‘extending the seasonal worker scheme’ has been met with some skepticism by farmers in Cumbria.

They welcomed the news that Ms Truss will occupy No 10 with the comment: ‘The jury is out and time will tell.’

Adam Day, chief executive of the Penrith-based Farmer Network, said: ‘His globalist ‘trade deals at all costs’ will sell Britain’s food producers down the river for years to come, and there have been few words of comfort. with regard to food safety.

“We can only hope that each of our Tory MPs fights for rural Cumbria. Time will tell.”

Alistair Mackintosh, a Cumbrian sheep farmer and National Farmers Union Cumbrian Council delegate, said: “His record as Secretary of State for the Environment, I would say, was not terribly memorable.

“But for me the jury is out and we have to hold his feet to the fire and what’s on the box is actually in the box.

“It will be about how we sell the message.

“We need to drive home the importance of the domestic supply chain.”

Robert Craig, Cumbrian dairy farmer and vice-chairman of farmers’ co-operative First Milk, said it was not easy to predict how farming would go with Ms Truss as Prime Minister and with what looks like a whole new government.

Liz Truss visits Dalston in 2015. Photo: Stuart Walker

“As SOS at Defra she certainly came across as a very pro UK farming, farming and food, very keen to support industry and increase exports by opening up new markets,” he said. declared.

“Its Great British Food policy was certainly good at saying all the right things, whether it actually delivered is anyone’s guess.

“[As] SOS for international trade, she has been instrumental in securing trade deals which, in the long term, would seem less than ideal for British agriculture, allowing the UK free access to some of the most major international food exporters.”

Richard Rankin, CEO of Carlisle-based H&H Group, said the first thing the new Prime Minister should do for the industry and the whole country would be to keep food businesses safe.

“As a nation we rely on farmers and as we have seen recently with the pandemic and the war in Ukraine how essential the work of our UK farmers is to the nation,” he said. he declares.

“Part of that process would be to introduce new policies on how we both protect and use our national capital that we have in this country.

“Increasingly the environment is at the forefront of people’s minds, from an agriculture perspective that means looking at how we make the most of the land available and, as stewards of the countryside, how we care for it for future generations.

“Resources and policies for farmers to help the government reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero targets would be welcome as they would secure the future of the industry and reaffirm its important role for the Kingdom. -United.”

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