Dairy farming brings £500m to Limerick’s economy

Pat McCormack, ICMSA President

REVENUES from dairy farming in County Limerick now represent over half a billion euros for the local economy.

That’s according to Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA) chairman Pat McCormack, who said dairy farmers in Limerick are on track to earn £339 million this year.

Multiplied by a standard of 1.6, this means that more than 500 million euros will return to the local economy.

Mr McCormack said the latest figures show what everyone should have understood by now – that milk is the fuel for Limerick’s biggest native economic activity.

“Farmers’ dairy income goes directly into their local economies via fertilizer, feed, various contractors, fuel, services and retail of all types,” he explained.

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The ICMSA president said it was already evident that inflationary input costs have already nearly exceeded the prices dairy farmers receive, but the overall economic importance of dairy production must be grasped by policy makers .

He added that politicians needed to realize that the kind of slow dairy throttle that is being touted as a ‘transition to lower emissions’ will have the deepest negative consequences for areas like Limerick and its hinterland. .

“The type of cuts the government imposes will have the same negative multiplier on Limerick’s economy as the rise in milk production and prices has had in positive terms.

“The Limerick dairy sector is the fundamental economic base of the local rural economy; it is the platform on which everything else is built,” the ICMSA President said.

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