Jodhpur, Rajasthan: A forty-acre experiential farm in Jodhpur, MharoKhet is home to over 100 varieties of natural and organic crops and offers soothing experiences in the lap of nature. The Farm Tour and Culinary Trail, which was personally created by the founders, is an exciting way to explore all that the farm has to offer: from growing and harvesting produce to cooking and baking. restoration.
MharoKhet runs immersive walking tours and offers pre-plated, multi-course, and plant-based culinary meals. MharoKhet is a female-dominated, inclusive and responsible agricultural enterprise that showcases the beauty of agriculture and sustainable living. Visitors can find almost any exotic crop, from Brussels sprouts, moringa, strawberries, chamomile to oyster mushrooms and figs. The farm is open to customers from October to March, which is high season for exotic produce. One can pre-book private or group experiences and engage in a variety of activities on the farm.
The various experiences offered by MharoKhet include–
Farm Tours: Deeply entertaining and educational, farm tours provide guests with exposure to sustainable agriculture, traditional methods of pest control and fertigation, the benefits and challenges of chemical-free farming, and best practices to grow native, exotic and indigenous produce. Additionally, customers can harvest fruits or vegetables during the tour.
Culinary Trail: The Culinary Trail is a culinary experience that consists of a seven-course, pre-plated, vegan meal that is an amalgamation of artistry, freshness and flavor; the open-air dining room has tables perched under the canopy of trees in a two-decade-old guava orchard. Visitors can expect a super-local and seasonal approach taken to the next level with farm-harvested fresh produce.
Flagship Experience: The best of both worlds: MharoKhet’s Flagship Experience combines the distinct experiences of the farm visit followed by a multi-course dining experience. Guests also have time to explore and relax on the farm, be at one with nature and soak up the surroundings. For example, relaxing under the straw canopies on charpoys and observing cloud formations, flying kites, etc.
Private Dining: Specially designed for those wishing to celebrate a special occasion or want an exclusive and intimate setting, private dining experiences are held at select locations on the farm away from other guests. Depending on the season, one can choose to spend their time either in chamomile fields, among sunflowers, or under a blooming Rohida tree.
MharoKhet’s main objective is to promote responsible agriculture and sustainable practices. MharoKhet avoids the use of plastics as much as possible and engages in regenerative practices like drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting. The farm also actively focuses on women’s empowerment and community engagement. In fact, MharoKhet’s field team is mostly made up of women who reside in villages within a five kilometer radius.
MharoKhet is owned and operated by Oxford-trained scientist and businessman, Rajnush Agarwal, and his Columbia-trained psychologist wife, Vedika. MharoKhet’s beginnings date back to 2013, when Rajnush began to miss the variety of fresh produce he used to get while traveling and visiting abroad. He started experimenting with farming on the family farm but it wasn’t until the Covid-19 pandemic that he had time to see the commercial promise of the farm.
Initially, MharoKhet started as a direct-to-consumer service, delivering fresh produce (specializing in exotics) across Jodhpur that consumers could receive within four hours of harvest. The idea was not to become an aggregator but to get the fresh produce to people as quickly as possible. Among the customers, there was a growing awareness that the products offered by MharoKhet were of superior quality. There was a growing demand in the local community for the products. This stoked local interest in visiting the farm, especially among city dwellers who wanted to experience rural life and also see how these exotic crops are grown in an otherwise barren region of western Rajasthan. This prompted the founders to launch immersive experiences for guests, which included farm tours and farm-to-table dining experiences in the truest sense of the word.
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