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You may have missed it. March 22 was National Agriculture Day.

The observance aims to make Americans understand the role that agribusiness plays in all of our lives. It’s a big.

How much can be seen in a report quoted by Farmer Bowman and SC Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers asking South Carolinians to thank farmers and food industry workers for their contributions.

On National Agriculture Day, Weathers joined 30 agribusiness groups, including the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, to release the sixth annual Feeding the Economy report, an economic analysis revealing the influence of agribusiness sectors and agriculture on the local and broader economies of the United States.

Weathers drew attention to the report’s findings that food and agribusiness are responsible for nearly a third of all jobs in the United States.

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“Farmers and other people who work in the food industry are the engine of our economy,” Weathers said. “We thank them for their enormous contributions to this country and to South Carolina.”

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He added, “From cold weather to high prices and supply chain issues, 2022 has already brought a lot of uncertainty for South Carolina farmers. Let’s all continue to honor their dedication by sourcing South Carolina Certified Foods and supporting their hard work.

The Feeding the Economy study sheds light on how the food and agriculture sector not only feeds Americans, but also the US economy. The economic disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the critical importance of the food and agricultural industries.

The report shows that 17.77% of the national economy and 29.14% of American jobs are linked to the food and agriculture sectors, either directly or indirectly. In addition, the analysis broke down the economic impact of the food and agriculture sectors by state and congressional district.

Here are the key findings for South Carolina:

• Exports: $1.1 billion

• Total wages: $25.8 billion

• Total taxes: $8.2 billion

• Total economic impact of food and industry: $86.8 billion

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Facing uncertainty for farmers in 2022, the SC General Assembly earlier this year approved a resolution calling on Congress to address “rising agricultural production costs to protect South Carolina farms. and the rural economy”.

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