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The priority of the second agrarian reform proposed by the Peruvian government is to promote family farming, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reported.

“This strategy, as it stands, prioritises the benefits for family farming, which has shown that it can be the answer to a food crisis,” FAO Deputy Representative Enrique Roman told AFP. Official newspaper El Peruano.

“During the pandemic, when we were all locked down, there was always enough food, and that’s because farming activities continued as usual. Also, food was transported and brought to markets to be sold. , which means there was always a supply,” he said. noticed.

According to the government of President Pedro Castillo, the main objective of the second agrarian reform is inclusion.

In addition, the second agrarian reform aims to promote the development of the 2.2 million small producers of family agriculture in Peru, collecting the proposals and the main needs of unions and organizations.

In this regard, Roman agreed that family farming is what prevails in Peru, considering that most production units belong to the national agricultural sector.

“More incentives should be given to this activity, by designing policies in favor of family farming, making the countryside attractive to reduce the exodus to the cities and to encourage young people to stay in rural areas to work the earth,” he said.

The Deputy Representative of FAO affirmed that family farming must be attractive, profitable, interesting and innovative, taking as an example the agro-export sector, which can transfer or adapt its experience in the technological field, a- he added.


Posted: 08/22/2022

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