Farming Talk: The Life of a Rural Land Surveyor

Harriet Jones is a rural surveyor with Barbers Rural

When I was young, being a chartered surveyor was not a profession that was often talked about. I’ve always loved the countryside, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do as a career.

After embarking on a work experience with Barbers Rural, I quickly realized that a career in surveying was the profession for me.

Barbers Rural is multi-disciplinary so I was fortunate enough to quickly get a bird’s-eye view of the whole industry and going forward there are limitless opportunities to learn from colleagues who have a combined experience over 100 years old.

Fast forward a few years, and after much hard work and study, I am now a fully qualified Chartered Surveyor and a member of the Central Association of Agricultural Appraisers.

As well as undertaking appraisals, compensation claims, planning applications and a variety of other jobs, I also specialize in providing strategic advice to private properties.

I say I give advice, but really that only scratches the surface. I can do a wide range of jobs, including handling insurance claims, preparing farm leases, and assessing the development potential of older buildings.

My job is essentially to ensure the smooth running and efficiency of the field while adapting to its natural evolution in these changing economic times.

I find it really rewarding to be able to provide a bespoke service tailored to a client’s individual needs.

I’m lucky to work for an incredibly diverse company and have gained invaluable experience – I’m still learning something new every day.

The life of a Chartered Rural Surveyor is demanding but also very rewarding and I am happy to have found this career which has well and truly exceeded my expectations.

Harriet Jones is a rural surveyor with Barbers Rural

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