“From simple subsistence to a dignified life, milk production changes the life of Kartar Singh”

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“Ramban’s animal husbandry department is doing it”

RAMBAN: From simple subsistence to a dignified life, dairy farming has changed the life of Kartar Singh, a marginal farmer in Parnote village in the Ramban highway district.

Kartar Singh’s story reveals how a person can be successful with the bump of their courage and under proper leadership. Using his own limited assets, local resources and the benefits of beneficiary-oriented programs initiated by the Center as well as the UT government helped Kartar Singh, a semi-skilled villager with a small landholding at a progressive agro-entrepreneur.

According to Kartar Singh, he worked as Masson for 17 long years. Uncertainty and lack of work forced him to look for a job with a new employer.

Fortunately, in 2018, Kartar Singh met the officers and field officials of Animal Department Ramban at an awareness camp. They encouraged Singh to start a small dairy unit with the assurance of providing comprehensive advice and technical know-how.

Kartar Singh took advantage of the Department of Livestock’s Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS) and started a small dairy with two cows in his village of Parnote. With the help of his wife Rano Devi, he increased the number of cows to 5 in three years.

In due course, he started delivering more than 50kg of milk per day to people and earned almost Rs. 50,000 per month.

With the improvement in his income, Singh has now bought a scooter to deliver milk to homes to residents of Ramban town.

Kartar Singh informed that the Department of Animal Husbandry provided him with all the benefits of dairy breeding programs and advice on modern dairy farming.

He said that with the help of the Department of Livestock, he purchased 5 more cows under the Punjab Integrated Dairy Development Program (IDDS), which would also help double milk production and income. daily.

Considering the increased workload with the addition of 10 head of cattle, “I hired a local person to efficiently manage the daily work and take care of the cows. My four children are studying in a good atmosphere and I plan to give them every possible opportunity to obtain a higher and quality education, ”said Kartar.

He expressed his gratitude to the government for bringing good days in his life by providing financial assistance for the start-up of a dairy production unit. Inspired by its success, Kartar is not going to stop there. “Now, I plan to produce organic compost by planting vermicompost near my dairy farm with the help of experts from the Ministry of Agriculture,” he explained.

Dairy farming encouraged Kartar more. Understanding the advantages of composite agriculture, he also derives a good income from his 17 farmlands in Kanal. “My agricultural production has tripled,” said Kartar Singh.

Kartar wants the PWD department to connect his dairy farm to a road that would facilitate his work, which reflects his ability to become a successful entrepreneur.

With his resounding success, Kartar Singh conquered the heart of the district administration. Recently, Deputy Commissioner Ramban, Mussarat Islam interacted with Kartar Singh in the presence of ADC Harbans Lal and other senior officers. He congratulated him on his exemplary success in the field of dairy farming and ensured the full cooperation of the district administration for the further development of his unit.

DC urged Singh to encourage his counterparts to take advantage of these farmer-friendly programs implemented by the Department of Livestock for their socio-economic development.

Dr Bharat Bhushan Raina’s livestock is a valuable asset to the rural poor and essential to support their livelihoods, especially in hilly districts like Ramban, according to the livestock manager. “Dairy farming has been a game changer for many farmers like Kartar Singh and Mohammad Sadiq, from Pogal Paristan village, Tehsil Ramsoo and Ramban district,” he said. (The feature was written by DIPR-JK)

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