ICMSA AGM Hears ‘Lack of References’ from Agricultural Commentators in Media

The Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA) AGM, which took place yesterday (Friday, December 3), was informed that it is incumbent upon the media in general to establish the “credentials of those who claim to speak about the the way agriculture needs to change ”.

Association President Pat McCormack told the AGM that “the lack of real knowledge about agriculture and the environment displayed in the mainstream media is quite staggering.”

This state of affairs, he argued, “would not be tolerated on any other subject.”

“Given the enormity of what is at stake, farmers – and the wider rural communities in which they live and work – have a right to keep mainstream media at a reasonable level.

“Time and time again loosely defined ‘environmental activists’ are given airtime on public and commercial broadcasters to denigrate farmers and, by extension, rural communities at large without ever having to demonstrate any working knowledge of the environment. agriculture or food production, ”McCormack said.

“Having debated several of these activists for years, I am firmly convinced that most would not know a heifer from a Hoover,” he noted.

The president of ICMSA also said that there were “very legitimate questions” around the funding of “several environmental NGOs [non-government organisations]”.

He argued that it is “in the interest of all” that the NGOs concerned disclose the full source of their funding.

Specifically, McCormack said these groups should disclose funding from any arm of the state; as well as any financing from companies involved in the manufacture of “so-called” synthetic “meats and milks.

The AGM was joined yesterday by Agriculture, Food and Marine Minister Charlie McConalogue, who in a wide-ranging speech expressed concern about the future of calf exports.

The minister’s comments come after a vote in the European Parliament’s committee this week which, if it becomes EU policy, will have far-reaching consequences.

“I am not saying the writing is on the wall and I will continue to be a real advocate for exports live, but I am saying that this is a hot topic and a serious challenge, which we have to be very careful., “he said.

“Anyone who thinks that we will have exports of unweaned calves forever is wrong. There is no room for complacency, ”added the Minister.

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