ICYMI Farm News Highlights | Thursday, January 20, 2022

It’s almost the weekend and a variety of topics have been making headlines. Check them out below in case you missed them throughout the day.

Competition in the meat industry

Meat prices soared 14.8% in 2021, part of the overall food inflation by 6.3%.

Acknowledging that “we need to get inflation under control” as part of the post-pandemic economic recovery, President Biden said the administration would inject competition into the highly consolidated meat industry to drive down prices at home. ‘grocery store.

Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Kanter says, “Our country depends on competition to drive progress, innovation and prosperity. We need to understand why so many industries have too few competitors and think carefully about how to ensure our merger enforcement tools are fit for purpose in the modern economy.

Precision technology and data

Whether optimizing the choice or placement of genetics, fertility or biologics, tools that help streamline efforts to manage and access this information will allow growers to be even more competitive. and profitable. Arva, an artificial intelligence modeling company, and Augmenta, a precision agriculture technology company, are partnering to help farmers reduce both chemical load in soils and input costs, while improving product quality and profitability.

Matt Rohlik, Managing Director of Arva, says, “We have worked with Augmenta both on our farm and professionally as they have grown their business in the United States. Augmenta has an efficient, streamlined system for in-season nutrient management. Not only do they optimize nutrient placement, but they also create carbon offsets through nutrient efficiency, providing additional value to growers and their trusted advisors.

For nearly a decade, Jonathan Bickel of Precision Ag Solutions has been buying, selling and consigning precision agricultural equipment.

Indiana-based used precision farming specialist offers six tips to consider before buying used farming technology. Use these tips to ensure you find the right value and quality of products.

First heavy snowfall of the year

A winter storm impacted areas from the Northern Plains to the Midwest, Southeast, and then the East Coast the week of Jan. 13-20, 2022, according to the Drought Monitor.

This storm ended a “snow drought” for much of the region. But, from west of the Missouri River, there was very little precipitation for the week. Editor Mike McGinnis covers weather news across the country in this online article, including the outlook for the next five to seven days.

Renewable energies in rural municipalities

Funding for the new rural energy pilot program will be targeted to communities that have historically been underserved by government. “Priority Points” will be awarded to projects that help communities recover from the pandemic, advance equity and fight climate change.

Solar, wind, geothermal, micro-hydro and biomass/bioenergy are among the technologies eligible for the funds, the USDA said.

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