KBJ Group launched KBJ Farming to meet the needs of the rural economy

08 September 2021 13:29 STI

New Delhi [India]September 8 (ANI/SRV Media): KBJ Group, a conglomerate led by serial entrepreneur Mohit Bharatiya alias Mohit Kamboj, is now expanding a business division into agriculture. This decision is driven by the passion that Mohit Bharatiya has for his nation and the agricultural culture that has been the backbone of our country.

Revolutionizing and refueling agriculture is at the heart of this movement of KBJ Group. This core is supported by three strong pillars, namely modern technology, output quality and scalability. Mohit Bharatiya acquired 570 acres of land in Solapur, Maharashtra to turn KBJ Groups vision into reality.

Initially, the plan is to grow onions and soybeans during phase 1. Mohit Bharatiya to acquire the resources needed to reap high quality results. The KBJ Group aims to develop an end-to-end agricultural ecosystem that includes storage and processing units.
About the initiative, Mohit Bharatiya said, “This initiative by KBJ Group will not only help farmers with advanced technology to cultivate the best quality of produce, but also generate employment for thousands of laborers. who belong to many villages in and around Solapur. Moreover, these workers will not only get a job, but they will also be trained by the KBJ group, which will increase the efficiency of the whole process while ensuring optimal use of resources. The entire initiative is designed to fuel the culture of agriculture in India.

Agriculture is the main source of income for more than 58% of Indians, making the agricultural sector one of the most important pillars of the Indian economy. But lately, there have been multiple situations that force us to ask ourselves a question: are farmers reaping the benefits they sow? Some do, some don’t. The KBJ Group aims to change this narrative by entering the agricultural sector itself, not only by investing in it, but by actively participating in agriculture.
India’s agricultural sector is expected to grow at a steady pace thanks to initiatives like the one taken by the KBJ Group. The development of agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation facilities, warehouses, etc. is a key factor driving the initiative designed to help improve the yield of Indian farmers.
Janmashtami marks the beginning of a new era for the KBJ group. Jitendra Kapoor, CEO, Agriculture KBJ said, ‘While talking about the importance of this movement, “Today is Janmashtami and Lord Krishna has always blessed us with an abundance of resources to survive and grow. We wish to follow in these footsteps and make KBJ Farming a movement that is changing the Indian farming culture for the better.”
Mohit Bharatiya aka Mohit KambojsLove for his homeland is reflected through initiatives like these and such moves are what make him a Bharatiya in its truest sense.
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