Kim Jong-Un announces “rural development” plan at 4th plenary meeting

North Korea on Monday (December 27th) opened the 4th plenary meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the ruling Workers’ Party. The country’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un, chaired the session on the second day of the plenary meeting. During the meeting, the party discussed measures that need to be taken for rural development amid their work to tackle food shortages.

During the meeting, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un planned the strategies and tasks necessary to achieve the goal of rural development, according to the conditions and demands of the moment, Yonhap the news agency reported quoting Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). In rural development, Kim Jong-Un announced the implementation of “revolutionary measures”. At the 4th plenary meeting, leaders approved “socialist rural construction”.

Rural development debate

The meeting raised speculation that the party could reveal its new economy and foreign affairs policy on economy and foreign affairs. According to the report, the North Korean authorities have decided to focus on rural development as it faces a food shortage. According to some sources, border restrictions due to COVID have had an impact on the food situation in North Korea. Yang Moo-Jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies, pointed out that reforms in farming villages would lead to “increased crop yields,” according to the Minister. Yonhap Newscast.

South Korea urges North Korea to start new year by ‘opening doors’ to talks

Ahead of the ruling Workers’ Party’s 4th plenary meeting, South Korea’s Unification Ministry on Monday, December 27, urged North Korea to start the new year by “opening the doors” to dialogue. During a press briefing, South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman Lee Jong-Joo said South Korea was monitoring the meeting for any messages it may receive on relations between the two countries. She expressed that South Korea “hopes” that Pyongyang will “open the doors” to talks with the “international community” and initiate measures for “engagement and cooperation”, in accordance with the Yonhap News agency report. In addition, Lee Jong-Joo informed that they await a possible message on the nuclear negotiations.

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