KVK Anjaw launches six-day training for rural youth on duck farming

Duck breeding

On Monday, KVK, Anjaw began a “six-day vocational training for rural youth on duck farming,” which was sponsored by the National Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technical Management.

“Farmers can raise ducks for meat or eggs,” said District HA and Veterinary Officer Dr G Singh during the opening ceremony. In the current Anjaw condition, raising ducks is more profitable than raising chickens because both have better disease resistance and can survive in harsh, humid conditions. “

DIET Principal SK Dey of Khupa encouraged participants to “Step forward to get the information about the less explored duck breeding in Anjaw neighborhood “, while Animal science specialist KVK Dr Santosh Kumar made a presentation on the training program.

Ducks are often cheaper to keep and are more resilient in hot and cold weather, according to Veterinarian Dr. Gedam Ete, in addition to producing larger and larger eggs each year. “They lay eggs almost near all year “he noted,” and therefore can be operated as a viable income generation business by the rural unemployed youth of the district. “

At the end of the program, garden pea seeds were provided and agronomist scientist Naveen Khoisam showed how to grow peas.

What is duck farming and is it a profitable business?

Duck breeding is a popular and successful business concept as there are many different breeds of ducks accessible across the world.

Raising them for meat and eggs is simple. Ducks can be raised in the absence of water. Yes you are right. Thousands of ducks can be raised without access to water by simply keeping them inside the house, in the same way chickens or other poultry are raised.

Advantages :

Lodging: Ducks ask for cheaper, more simple and simple accommodation. Therefore, setting up a commercial duck breeding business is inexpensive.

Less management: Ducks require less maintenance than other birds because they are hardy. They are incredibly adaptive and can survive in almost any type of habitat.

fresh eggs: Ducks lay eggs at night and in the morning. You can collect their fresh eggs every morning while doing other things for the rest of the day.

Less space: Duck farming takes up less space than others poultry farm companies. They also have a shorter brooding time and produce ducklings faster. Surprisingly, they grow so fast that artificial heat can be applied in just 5-7 days.

They will, however, require a slightly longer heating period throughout the winter.

Market demand: Locally and globally, duck eggs and meat are in great demand.

Raising ducks is a profitable business that can provide a constant source of income. Many unemployed and educated young people can join this business and earn a lot of money.

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