Laois-based farm organization says turf ban ‘bureaucratic nonsense’

A farming organization headquartered in Laois has blasted the turf sale ban.

Irish Cattle & Sheep Farmers’ Association rural development chairman Tim Farrell said there was simply no justification for making ordinary people criminals by banning the sale or distribution of turf.

“While those with cutting rights will be allowed to use the turf for their own domestic consumption, from September this year it will be illegal to give or sell any amount of turf to neighbors and friends. It is beyond belief,” he said.

He thinks the government is out of touch with reality.

“Visilizing anyone for helping family members, neighbors and friends keep their homes warm is a step too far, especially against a backdrop of spiraling energy costs. People in rural Ireland are already subjected to over-the-top rules and regulations on burning green waste, and now this All of this leaves the government totally out of touch with the practical realities of managing hedgerows and trees on farms, as well as the use of quantities of grass base for domestic purposes.

“For people in rural Ireland, the reality of managing the ever-increasing burden of bureaucratic nonsense supposedly designed to save the planet is becoming too much to bear. It is becoming increasingly clear that what is being asked rural people to do really has nothing to do with the problem.

“In the meantime, this government continues to drag its feet on the real solutions like incentivizing every farmer to cover the roofs of sheds with solar panels or to develop the biogas and renewable biofuel sectors,” he said in the press release from ICSA which has offices in Portlaoise.

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