LECTURE NOTE: Rural Community Journal

What is a rural community newspaper?

A rural community newspaper is a publication owned and created by the rural community to meet their communication and information needs. Kasoma in Oso (2003) defines a rural community newspaper as follows:

A regular publication that contains news, reports, editorials, illustrations and/or photos as well as advertisements for rural populations. It is composed and published by rural people in their own community.”

The rural community newspaper reflects community issues, affairs and events. It keeps community members up to date with news and information inside and outside of their own community. It highlights the needs of the community and portrays the joys, problems, culture as well as the general life of the rural people.

The rural community newspaper is defined by the ownership, access, demonstration, local content and local audience of the community newspaper. Anything but that, although operating in a rural area is not a rural community newspaper. Indeed, the main objective of the rural community newspaper is to give voice to the population and to access the information media.


Here are the characteristics of a rural community newspaper:

  1. IT IS OWNED, MANAGED AND CONTROLLED BY THE COMMUNITY IT SERVES: A true rural community newspaper is owned and operated by the community. Community members play various roles in the operation and production of the newspaper. Although few professionals or experts are hired, the newspaper is largely owned by the community.

Although the rural community newspaper is owned and controlled by the community, an individual, NGO or government can create the team for the community. But ultimately, the newspaper will be operated and controlled by the community.

  • IT IS NON-PROFIT: A rural community newspaper is essentially non-profit. Its main objective is not to seek profit maximization, but to meet the information needs of the community and to promote development. However, with proper management, profits can be made. This is reinvested in equipment to support newspaper operations.

IT PROVIDES INTERACTIVE TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION: The rural community newspaper serves as a vehicle for the community to communicate with government and other stakeholders and for government and other stakeholders to communicate with the community. Information about community development issues and needs is published in the journal for


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