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I read with great interest Andy Murphy’s recent letter to the editor of the Greene County Register regarding his company’s proposed glamping resort off Mutton Hollow Road. I have a farm around the corner on Simmons Gap Road and like many have wondered what impact the Sojourner Resort might have on our little corner of the world.

I very much appreciate Mr. Murphy’s thoughtful response to local concerns regarding water resources, traffic impact, etc. This shows his company’s willingness to work constructively with the community as the project develops.

I write, however, because I know that some people have opposed the station, but the more I think about it and the promise it contains for the preservation of Greene County, the more I find myself in favor and I hope it will be approved. Accordingly, I wanted to write to myself and strongly support the proposed station.

It seems that all of us, supporters and naysayers, share first and foremost a love for Greene County and in particular for its rural charm and natural beauty. But in my view, we are at an important crossroads regarding our future development: we can resign ourselves to the inevitable creep of residential developments and new neighborhoods, eventually becoming more of a suburb of Charlottesville, or we can promote a future which embraces, celebrates and values ​​our rural character and our regional role as a gateway to nature and the (national) park. Sojourner’s proposal would put us on the path to a future for Greene County that values ​​what we value: nature, woodlands, rural charm and character.

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Sojourner will bring many more nature lovers and countryside enthusiasts to our county. And as Mr. Murphy wrote, they come to enjoy the calm of the night sky and peaceful hikes in the woods, not to spoil it. Sojourner has a vested interest in preserving the county as it is, just as we want to preserve it. Plus, Sojourner is an award-winning company. Its presence in the county will set the bar high for high quality Greene County natural enjoyment in the future.

Growth and development are inevitable. We could preserve Greene County as it is by passing onerous zoning laws that prevent us from doing anything on our land. No one supports this option. Adopting a plan that reflects a future that values ​​the charm and rural character of Greene County seems like the best way to preserve it.

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