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A total of 76 projects in the Newry, Morne and Down District Council area have received funding, with 14 community facilities developed or upgraded and over 33,000 people benefiting from support under the renovation of facilities measure. towns.

Welcoming the success of the program during a speech at the event, Minister Poots said: “I would like to congratulate the members of the rural development partnership Morne, Gullion and Lecale for their work in achieving Priority 6 of NI’s rural development ‘LEADER’ program.

“This program has provided £15 million of investment in local rural areas, which has improved people’s lives by creating over 160 new jobs, supporting village renewal and improving infrastructure.”

The Minister also referred to his recent statement to the NI Assembly regarding Northern Ireland’s first-ever rural policy framework.

He explains: “I want to create a new program in the future that will be fully tailored to our own unique situation in Northern Ireland.

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“The framework will see a new rural business and community investment program that will span the next 7 years and support my ministry’s vision of placing sustainability at the heart of a living, active and active landscape enjoyed by all.

“It will also demonstrate our continued commitment to ensuring that rural communities thrive and prosper through our continued support and investment in initiatives that will make a tangible difference for those who live and work in rural areas.


MGL Chairman Roisin Mulgrew comments: “The implementation of this program has brought significant benefits to rural residents of Newry, Morne and Down and is a testament to the dedication of the local action group.

“The knowledge of the members has helped to support high quality projects, which have had a positive impact on the lives of people in rural areas.”

Councilor Cathy Mason, Chairperson of Newry, Morne and Down District Council, said: “Newry, Morne and Down District Council’s partnership with the Local Action Group and DAERA has been extremely successful in bringing implementation of this program.

“The positive impacts have ensured a strong rural economy, providing residents with access to high-quality community facilities, towns and villages they can be proud to call home.”

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