Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Space: pay particular attention to spring agricultural production and strive to obtain a good harvest of summer cereals

April 22, 2022 11:15 p.m. (GMT+8)

Tang Renjian, director of the central bureau of agriculture and minister of agriculture and rural areas, chaired an executive meeting of the ministry of agriculture today to convey and study the spirit of the executive meeting of the Council of Agriculture. ‘State, study and deploy the work related to agriculture production in the spring and ensure the efficient supply of important agricultural products such as grain. The meeting stressed that we should pay close attention to spring agricultural production, supervise and guide all localities to strictly implement the same responsibilities of party and government for food security, implement the sowing area and ensure that that the seeds are planted in full and at the appropriate sowing time. We will continue to strengthen field management in the middle and later stages of summer cereals, implement technical measures such as fertilizer and water regulation, seriously grasp the unified control and control of yellow rust and scab emergency, to prepare in advance for the inter-regional mechanical harvest. , implement the new “one spray and three prevention” wheat subsidy policy as soon as possible, urge all localities to allocate the allocated money, mobilize farmers’ production enthusiasm, and strive to achieve a good harvest of summer cereals.

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