My “3T2030 Plan for Greater Nigeria” will unlock prosperity, a strong rural economy and abundance for all

Good people, never doubt the ability of Nigerians to solve the current paralysis of the nation. This nation was working. A lot of things seem like fiction these days, but just a few decades ago we were on our way to the top of the mountain. Remember, decades ago, Nigerian scientists were creating WHO-approved vaccines (check cholera) from our universities. Today, we have to wait for Pfizer, Modena, etc. to save us! We’re gonna fix this because we’re as smart as those guys.

As I welcome Professor Osinbajo (he declared himself for the presidency this morning) and other politicians to the arena of Nigeria’s next president, I make it clear that Nigeria can halve poverty, deepen industrial competitiveness, uplifting rural Nigeria, etc. within 4 years. . I have no party affiliation, but I am “running” for a federal cabinet position. In my 3T2030 Plan for Greater Nigeria, I postulate that we can create millions of lower middle class citizens in Nigeria within two years. How?

Return to any graph of gross world product (global GDP aggregate) over the past 2,000 years. There is one thing that is consistent: property rights. No nation has developed without property rights and until nations have built this capacity they cannot progress. Efficiency in the use of factors of production has always followed the strengthening of property rights.

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My plan is simple: expand the national balance sheet by freeing up dead assets in rural Nigeria. We will put ownership rights on all land, farmland and property, allowing transferable speed on it.

I will do this in the first few months, using startups to develop and map land. Each local government area will use its young people to do this work, and we will provide a market-driven process that will cost the government nothing. The plan is to make it easier for people with land assets to access credit while improving the ease of buying and selling those assets.

The Ministry of Lands under the existing Land Use Act will benefit from immense technological evolution by bringing innovators to drive property rights in Nigeria. I expect to unlock massive wealth and open up new vistas for a vibrant rural economy in Nigeria. Yes, anyone with land or property will suddenly become rich! I want these properties to appear in the national balance sheet; today, they are invisible!

If we do that, I expect at least 5 million families to move into the low middle income class. Imagine inheriting 100 hectares of land which will now appear in Nigeria’s national “balance sheet” giving you the ability to access credit in your local bank for your business or even easily sell a hectare to send your children to school.

More so, with stronger property rights, developments will come to rural areas and agriculture will flourish. How do you expect someone to invest for the long term in assets they don’t have legal rights to? Part of the problems in agriculture could be attributed to our property rights. It would be settled.

As your Federal Minister, I will fix the Nigerian education system

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