NDRI and BAPCL commit to stimulate rural economy in Tripura; Says veterinarian Dr Paul

  • Abhijit Nath, NET correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, October 30, 2021: The National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) in association with Bagma Agri Producer Company Limited (BAPCL) has undertaken remarkable rural activities for the expansion of the livestock sector across Tripura.

According to a veterinarian appointed in the Bagma area of ​​Udaipur, Gomati district, Dr Tapash Kanti Paul, the two organizations are working tirelessly to ensure the development of farmers in the area, thereby improving their income.

In an attempt to address farmers’ problems, especially those associated with animal husbandry activities, Dr Paul added that a large number of farmers across the state are referred to as “marginal” due to the small acres of land. land they own.

He said: “Activities like dairy, poultry, pigsty, goat rearing, duck rearing and fishing are very important to increase the income of farmers because the production of agricultural land is very low. due to the small size of the land. The farmers of Tripura can increase their income with the help of their agro-allied activities ”.

Sudip Majumder, president of BAPCL affirmed that Dr Tapash Kanti Paul does in favor of farmers and that he is responsible in case of vaccination of animals. Vaccination is very important in the era of the modern livestock system.

It is relevant to note that on October 8 this year, with the financial support of NDRI, the Bagma Agri Producer Company Limited distributed a total of 1200 chicks among 120 farmers in different areas of Gomati district.

Dr Tapash Kanti Paul took the initiative to inoculate these chicks.

The National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), one of the leading institutes in the dairy sector, has played a crucial role in securing India’s development in this field through its continuous research.

Granted with reputable university status in 1989, NDRI offers high quality education in the field of dairy farming.

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