New Zealand trade deal ‘will hurt farming communities’

TRADE UNIONS and politicians have warned that the New Zealand-UK trade deal will hurt rural communities.

The UK Government’s International Trade Secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, said the deal would “cut red tape” between the two countries and UK trade would “skyrocket” as a result.

But Mid and West Wales Ms Jane Dodds warned this week: ‘The UK government has brokered a trade deal which will actively harm Welsh farming communities and deliver virtually no tangible benefit to our local economies.

“Instead of delivering ‘Global Britain’ this government is selling Welsh farmers down the river.”

The NFU Cymru and the Farmers Union of Wales also opposed the deal.

Speaking after the announcement, NFU Cymru chairman Aled Jones said: ‘I see very little in this deal benefiting Welsh farmers and there are significant downside risks to the red meat and produce sectors. dairy products, both of which characterize traditional Welsh family farming.

“This latest deal with New Zealand closely mirrors the UK/Australia deal, confirming the precedent we feared we might have set, leading to full tariff liberalization across a range of sectors over the next few years.

“These agreements offer significant benefits to farmers on the other side of the world, who will in due course have full access to our extremely valuable market. exporting to the world, without the serious or long-term investment that is needed to enable us to increase our exports.We call on the UK government to convene the recently announced Food and Drink Export Council and ensure that the agri-food attachés who we were promised last year to be in post as a matter of urgency.

FUW President Glyn Roberts said: “Farmers are extremely unhappy that the UK government is pursuing trade deals which, according to their own figures, will harm our food and farming sectors and undermine our food security.

“We don’t need to look any further than what is happening in Ukraine and with regard to gas and fuel supplies to see how quickly things can change on the world stage, but the trade policy of the British government is recklessly undermining our food security by shifting dependency to countries that are tens of thousands of miles away.

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