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For many rural communities, local businesses are the lifeline of the local economy. Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing located in Cooperstown, ND is no exception and provides quality jobs for rural town residents.

“I truly believe businesses like ours are the backbone of communities,” said Tim Eggert, owner and president of Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing. “Not only do we employ a number of people in the community, but from a business perspective, those communities seem to have such a particular niche around the work ethic. They are proud and concerned people to come to work. »

Sheyenne Tooling has deep roots and a rich history in Cooperstown, dating back to the 1970s. Throughout its history, Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing was known as a premier tool and die company in the area. According to Eggert, the previous owners of the company started adding different agricultural products to complement their work of tools and dies.

The company manufactures a range of agricultural products, such as augers, a variety of attachments and other products. He also works with larger companies.

“We also do a number of contract manufacturing for larger manufacturers, such as John Deere and Bobcat,” Eggert said.

Cooperstown, ND is a rural community. Photo taken March 10, 2021 in Cooperstown, ND (Emily Beal/Agweek)

With a population of around 1,000, Cooperstown is a close-knit rural community. Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing is proud to employ many residents of the town.

“Right now we employ just over 60 people and are currently the second largest employer here in Cooperstown,” Eggert said. “I think the employees we have here are definitely small-town people who have small-town values ​​and appreciate that kind of lifestyle.”

Like many businesses and businesses, Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Eggert, his business suffered for two to three months as their business slowed at a frantic pace. However, Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing’s business has since been on the rise.

“In fact, since business is picking up, I almost feel like demand has exploded and people are ordering to make up for lost time,” Eggert said.

Despite the setback, Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing remains committed to creating a positive and productive work environment for its employees.


Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing sells a range of agricultural products. Photo taken March 10, 2021 in Cooperstown, ND (Emily Beal/Agweek)

“At Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing, we really strive to make this the best place to work,” Eggert said.

Eggert also encourages those considering starting a business in a rural community to take the risk, as he believes rural communities offer an abundance of positives.

“It will definitely be a lot of hard work and a lot of hours, but it is definitely a rewarding experience, especially working with these people in small towns and communities. It’s really valuable,” Eggert said.

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