Pune, India: Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Quick Heal, the leading cybersecurity service provider, through its CSR initiative, donated Arogya Yan, a fully equipped medical van, to the rural community of Barpeta, Assam.
In collaboration with Srijan Ek Soch, a local NGO, this initiative aims to make basic treatment and necessary tests accessible to marginalized people. The special handover ceremony was attended by Ms. Geeta Shree, ADM, Barpeta, Ms. Disha Shrivastava, CEO, Srijan Ek Soch, Ms. Anupama Katkar, President, Quick Heal Foundation, along with guest of honour, Mr. Bikram Jyoti Das, a visually impaired mountaineer who recently successfully climbed Everest Base Camp.
This state-of-the-art, fully-equipped medical van brings more than 20,000 people, who previously traveled 10-30 km, to primary healthcare facilities, right on their doorstep. This service should also educate the beneficiaries on the various government programs aimed at promoting public welfare and better health.
Present on the occasion, Ms. Anupama Katkar, President of the Quick Heal Foundation and Head of Operational Excellence, Quick Heal Technologies Limited, said: “Quick Heal’s CSR mission ‘Securing Futures’ is both future and sustainable. Arogya Yan is our effort to reach those who are miles away from receiving proper medical treatment when they need it. Our fully equipped state-of-the-art medical vans cover over 450 villages in 7 states reaching over 3.5 lakh people. And, through this contribution to Barpeta, Assam, we are delighted to have enabled 20,000 people in these remote villages to access quality primary health care services at their doorstep.
Speaking on the occasion, Disha Shrivasatva, CEO, Srijan Ek Soch said, “The promotion of health and education is an integral part of Srijan’s core values, and we are grateful to the Quick Heal Foundation for helping out with the state-of-the-art mobile vans. facility called Arogya Yan. Through this collaboration, we are covering 20 villages in Assam to reach the most remote areas of our socio-economic development center in the Barpeta district area to make primary healthcare accessible, while also working to increase enrollment and reduce dropout rates.
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