Reforms could cost rural economy more than € 1 billion, IFA chairman says after farmers in Carlow, Kilkenny and beyond took part in weekend protest

The farming community of Carlow and Kilkenny was well represented at yesterday’s protest in Dublin.

Industry players were warned that they were “really scared” for their future and feared that climate action would lead to reduced production.

To highlight those fears, a protest was due to take place in the capital with up to 10,000 people from across the country, but organizers, the Irish Farmers Association (IFA), made the decision to cut plans on weekdays. last due to the rise of the covid case (see here).

Image: IFA Media on Twitter

Instead, around seventy tractors drove through Dublin City yesterday with participants expressing concern over the 22% emission reduction target for agriculture, but claiming the government is talking “to” instead. that “to” farmers.

Image: IFA Media on Twitter

Irish Farmers Association president Tim Cullinan said reforms could cost the rural economy more than € 1 billion in losses; “So we have to achieve a reduction of almost four million tonnes as this is a massive demand from farmers and if we look at it it could cost rural Ireland, the rural economy, up to 1 , 1 billion a year is a huge amount of money, maybe a reduction of ten thousand jobs too, so it’s not just us as farmers who are affected here, Ireland rural is the rural economy ”.

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