Rural Community College Alliance, Greater Texas Foundation and Economic Mobility Systems Pioneer College Rural Promise Program to Advance Education and Workforce Opportunities for Texas Students

DALLAS, August 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Rural Community College Alliance (RCCA), Greater Texas Foundation (GTF) and Economic Mobility Systems (EMS) of the Commit Partnership today announced the launch of a pioneering collaborative program to deliver stronger results and more equitable for colleges and the workforce for rural Texas students.

Funded by a three-year program $ 3.1 million Grant from the Greater Texas Foundation, the Rural College Promise program will involve three community colleges – Grayson College, Tyler College and College of North Central Texas – and the rural counties they serve in North and East Texas. Supporting partners also include the National College Promise Campaign and Phi Theta Kappa.

In addition to supporting students and local communities, colleges will partner with RCCA and EMS to develop a replicable, affordable and scalable model for rural communities across Texas as a road map for rural America.

“Rural community colleges are neighborhood colleges of higher education, serving the nearly 90 million Americans who live in our rural communities.” noted Emilie Clement, vice-president, RCCA. “Many students from rural communities are economically disadvantaged and a small percentage of them go on to higher education. Our goal for the Rural College Promise program is to help more of our high school graduates enroll and earn a graduate degree, which is a critical requirement for securing more highly skilled paid jobs that will be a catalyst for rural economic development. “

In addition to developing a structure for more affordable academic pathways, the grant will cover access to cutting-edge technologies and solutions designed by Economic Mobility Systems (EMS) on equity platforms like Salesforce and GreenLight Credentials. EMS solutions will enable local high schools to manage each student’s cases to ensure they complete entry stages into college programs aligned with living wage jobs. Through the new Quick college enrollment pass On GreenLight, students will be able to own and send their verified high school records to colleges and employers and submit self-uploaded enrollment documents. Building on the news Solutions for colleges and careers dashboards on Salesforce, high school and college counselors will have greater visibility to support students’ transition from high school to college and, eventually, through paid employment.

Texas needs more intentional regional talent strategies to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world, ”said Sue McMillin, President and CEO, Greater Texas Foundation. “Yet too many young people in rural communities lack the opportunity and the tools to advance educationally and economically. This grant is an investment to accelerate proven strategies and bring breakthrough technologies to rural communities.

The technologies and tools covered by the grant have been used successfully by the Texas Talent Regions, including the Dallas County Pledge, Alamo Pledge, Tarrant To and Through (T3) Pledge, and TJC Pledge. The experience of these existing programs will help inform the new Rural College Promise program, tailored to the unique needs of rural communities.

About the Greater Texas Foundation: The Greater Texas Foundation supports initiatives that increase post-secondary enrollment and completion rates for all Texas students, with a particular focus on students who may face barriers to post-secondary success. GTF is a private foundation headquartered in Bryan, Texas. Since its inception, GTF has approved more than $ 104 million in grants to support Texas students.

About the Alliance of Rural Community Colleges: The Rural Community College Alliance (RCCA) helps its member institutions serve the 89.3 million people who reside in rural America. We seek to promote a more economically, culturally and civically vibrant rural America through advocacy, convening, resource harnessing and acting as a clearinghouse for innovative practices, policies and research.

About economic mobility systems: makes socio-economic mobility possible by helping regional ecosystems work together with proven school-to-work strategies and cutting-edge equity platforms that put the student at the center of the regional talent equation. EMS helps regional partners organize and use real-time data across the school-work continuum to create a top-notch continuous improvement model for regional talent. www.

On Tyler College: TJC is a great first choice for anyone looking to acquire the skills necessary to enter the workforce or for those who wish to acquire the training and knowledge necessary to transfer to a four-year university. Offering over 115 diploma and certificate programs, TJC welcomes approximately 12,000 students each semester. Since 1926, TJC has embodied the true meaning of the term “community college” as evidenced by its core values ​​of unity, caring, integrity, empowerment and excellence.

On College of North Central Texas: Officially established May 20, 1924 and originally named Gainesville Junior College, College of North Central Texas is the oldest continuously operating two-year college in Texas and a true pioneer of public community college in the state. With six campuses located everywhere North Texas, NCTC offers its more than 10,000 students a variety of degree types in various fields of education. Participating campuses include Bowie, Gainesville and Graham.

On Grayson College: Grayson College serves over 4,000 students each quarter through six pathways and over 60 degree and certificate programs in academic and technical transfer programs. The College’s mission is student success. The two campuses of Denison and Van Alstyne underwent a multi-year and multi-million dollar renovation and expansion.

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