Rural Community Leaders Call on Gaetz, Greene to ‘Stop Dividing America’ Ahead of American Tour

Rural Voices USA is using representatives. Matt gaetzMatthew (Matt) Gaetz More Appropriate Nominees for ‘Person of the Year’ Greene, GOP Colleagues Call for Sacking of DC Corrections Official Who ‘Despises’ Trump and His Supporters Jim’s Clear Present Danger Jordan & Co. MORE (R-Fla.) And Marjorie Taylor GreeneMarjorie Taylor GreeneGOP’s Efforts to Minimize Danger of Increase in Riots on Capitol Hill The Memo: What Now for Anti-Trump Republicans? Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene says she will meet Trump ‘soon’ in Florida MORE (R-Ga.) To “stop dividing America” ​​before their “First tour in America”.

Rural Voices United States, the non-partisan network of leaders of rural communities across America, today purchased a billboard at The Villages, near the site of the “America First” gathering of U.S. Representatives Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, who calls for unity, ”the group said in a statement. Press release.

The Florida billboard calls both representatives by name, saying “stop trying to divide us” and “we are all Americans first.”

The group plans to continue displaying these notice boards at various stops throughout the tour of the representatives.

“These gatherings represent everything that is wrong with American politics at the moment,” said Christopher Gibbs, chairman of the board of Rural Voices USA. “The reason we have rioters storming the Capitol over false allegations of a stolen presidential election is because of the inflammatory rhetoric that will be fully on display at tonight’s rally. It will not be a discussion. reasoned policy. It will be resentment, anger and resentment. “

Gaetz and Greene pushed the old President TrumpDonald Trump’s Networks halfway – here’s how and why MOREvoter fraud conspiracy theories and have been two of the most controversial members of Congress.

Gaetz is under federal investigation after being charged with having sex with teenage girls. He denies the charges.

Greene has published articles about his belief in conspiracy theories such as QAnon and the false flag events for school shootings. She also issued violent statements against Democrats and lost her committee assignments because of her behavior.

“The notice board is our way of asking potential rally attendees to step back and remember that we are all Americans and that we can disagree without dividing. Our hope is that the right people from Orlando join us in focusing on how we can find areas of agreement that will be so important as we all rebuild and recover from last year, ”said Gibbs .

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