Bengaluru, India: Herbalife Nutrition Ltd., United Way of Bengaluru (UWBe) and the Noolpuzha Gram Panchayat have partnered to ensure the integrated development of the Noolpuzha Gram Panchayat, the second largest tribal belt in Wayanad.
This integrated rural development program, called “Rural Rising”, is a flagship intervention of UWBe, built on a “convergence model” where the program is implemented in ambitious districts and remote areas in various geographical areas in alignment with government programs and implemented in partnership with government and private partners.
NITI Aayog identified districts in each state as aspirational districts and a clear framework was given on which districts should work. Wayanad is one of the aspirational districts in Kerala, and UWBe through the Rural Rising initiative aims to help the government achieve the milestones. This will be a landmark project in demonstrating effective public-private partnership (PPP) in community development.
The multi-year Rural Rising program in Noolpuzha Gram Panchayat (GP) will address five key areas based on needs assessment – ​​improving child nutrition; the quality of engagement with children in Anganwadi centers through UWBe’s Born Learning Campaign (BLC); strengthen schools to retain and attract students from tribal hamlets; support women’s livelihoods in self-help groups (SHGs) and skills development for youth in intervention areas.
The intervention was launched today. A memorandum of understanding has been signed between Noolpuzha GP and UWBe. Noopuzha Panchayat delegates who attended the event include Ms. Sheeja Satheesh, President of Panchyath; MNA Usman, Vice President; Mr. Vanamalika, president of the Trible Society. The event was also honored by Mr. Afsath, ICDS Program Officer; and Rajesh Krishnan, CEO of United Way Bengaluru with his team.
“To extend one’s mind and hand to the oppressed is incredible and the need of the day. The health of children and women in tribal hamlets is a matter of grave concern. Herbalife Nutrition and United Way Bengaluru have a nerve and a spirit of iron to make an innovative and active intervention to address health and nutrition and early childhood care and education needs Herbalife Nutrition and United Way Bengaluru’s intervention in Noolpuzha
Wayanad District Panchayath is absolutely meaningful and appreciable,” said T. Hafsath, DPO ICDS, Wayanad.
Most malnourished children in Wayanad come from tribal communities. Children and women suffer from nutritional deficiencies and anemia due to a lack of adequate and balanced food. The Rural Rising intervention will ensure the availability of cooked meals three times a day, six days a week, for children enrolled in four Anganwadi centres, starting in Noolpuzha.
Low student attendance in Anganwadi schools and centers is another serious issue. To make the schools attractive and welcoming, play areas will be provided in two schools – Govt Lower Primary School, Muthanga, and Sri Jaya Aided Lower Primary School, accommodating 250 students.
In addition, two Anganwadi centers will be strengthened with new facilities and infrastructure support to make the centers safe and child-friendly in line with ICDS guidelines. Additionally, Anganwadi workers and helpers will be trained on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) curriculum and pedagogy.
The intervention will work in close collaboration with the Jilla Mission of Wayanad. Three hundred executive members of self-help groups registered in Noolpuzha GP will receive training on entrepreneurship development. Specific livelihoods interventions will be provided to other self-help groups.
Interventions ranging from providing grinding equipment to setting up a grocery store are planned for different SHGs. To support locals engaging in honey collection, eighty honey collectors will receive honey harvesting kits containing modernized tools to help increase their productivity and ensure safety. Apart from this, training programs will be offered to special people from the “BUDS” center to help them generate income and live with dignity. A total of approximately 650 self-help group members will directly benefit from the livelihoods interventions.
Sport has been recognized as a powerful means of instilling positive social skills, leadership qualities, self-awareness and creativity. For the well-being of young people in the community and to help them use their time wisely, football training will be offered at the two existing youth resource centres. The sports centers will also be equipped with different types of sports equipment and books for youth and children in the community.
“Herbalife is committed to helping address the global challenges of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. Through our “Nutrition for Zero Hunger” initiative, we focus on community empowerment to reduce food insecurity, increase access to healthy foods, and provide nutrition education to eliminate malnutrition among the tribal population. . United Way of Bengaluru’s Rural Rising intervention is a great opportunity for us to reach the tribal communities of Wayanad, an ambitious district identified by Niti Aayog. We are delighted to partner with United Way Bengaluru and look forward to a long-term commitment,” said Amit Khanna, Country Manager, Herbalife Nutrition India.
“Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Goals and connected to the Antyodaya mission, this multi-year intervention has been shaped with consistent and measurable annual milestones, built on a partnership model where responsibility for development at the village level will be shared by all key stakeholders making this program sustainable. said Rajesh Krishnan, Managing Director of United Way of Bengaluru.
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