Solomon Islands Ministry of Rural Development clarifies disbursement of Constituency Development Fund

The Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) said that the recent release of $ 90 million in financial assistance from the Constituency Development Fund program approved by the 2020 budget and funded with support from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) constituency development projects was paid directly to the constituency bank. accounts and not to deputies.

The ministry released the statement to correct and clarify the news headline published in Island Sun newspaper issue # 4106 on 11/11/2021 which reads “Funds now in the hands of MPs“with the first paragraph,”The government released $ 90 million in constituency development funds this week for the 50 deputies”. The caption and the introductory paragraph are not only incorrect but misleading. The press release was issued by MRD and the correct headline should read “Aid in the form of a CDF PRC grant to improve rural livelihoods is distributed to the constituencies”.

MRD Permanent Secretary Allan Daonga said such distorted headlines and intros not only cause misinformation, but can also cause the public to misinterpret CDF’s disbursement procedure with respect to the $ 90 million. recent aids.

“The truth is that the funds were transferred to the bank accounts of the respective constituencies and part of the funds were also paid directly to the preferred suppliers who provide materials to the constituencies,” said PS Daonga.

He said there was nothing as such that the funds were paid into MPs’ accounts, as might be implied in the distorted caption and first paragraph of the news article. .

“As the administrator of the fund, we follow due process to ensure that the money goes to constituencies so that they can carry out their programs. Therefore, to suggest that money goes to MPs is not only wrong, it is misleading. “

PS Daonga, while congratulating the media for a job well done in keeping the nation informed, calls on the media to be truthful and fair in their reporting.

Financial aid which is normally known as the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) aimed at reducing poverty and improving the livelihoods of rural Solomon Islands residents was distributed to the 50 constituencies on Monday, November 8. 2021.

The MRD, through its Rural Development Division (RDD), administered the financial assistance of $ 90 million SBD, provided by the PRC under its funding agreement for the constituency development program in Solomon Islands, with constituencies receiving SBD $ 1.8 million each.

CRP support for this year (2021) mainly focuses on three priority components which include support for community social infrastructure, water supply and sanitation, and income-generating initiatives to improve livelihoods in rural environment.

The CDF program intends to support the realization of socio-economic development projects in the fifty (50) constituencies of the Solomon Islands.

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