Some $ 450 million allocated to rural development projects

TEHRAN – A budget of 19 trillion rials (about $ 450 million at the official exchange rate) has been allocated for rural development projects across the country, Ali Nikzad, director of the Housing Foundation, said on Monday. cited by IRNA.

The funding will be spent on building roads, schools, mosques and expanding infrastructure, he added.

There are currently around 40,000 villages nationwide, each with more than 20 families, he noted, stressing that the reverse trend of migration from towns to villages is a source of happiness.

He went on to say that in the Iranian calendar year 1384 (March 2005-March 2006), only seven percent of rural houses were renovated and strengthened, while this figure rose to around 50 percent and the remainder will be completed within the next ten years. years.

In Iran, where villages generate 20 to 23% of the country’s added value, the development of rural areas has always been one of the priorities of government activities.

Many efforts have been made over the past two years by the government to support the villagers and slow the trend of migration from rural areas to cities.

Rural tourism, agrotourism, religious tourism and ecotourism are alternatives or complementary economic activities that could further stimulate rural development while decreasing the dependence of rural communities on a main economic sector ( agriculture, forestry, energy or mining).

Mohammad Omid, vice president of rural development, said in November 2020 that for the first time in the country, the migration of people from rural areas to cities has reached zero.


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