The Ministry of Rural Development launches the 2021-2025 digitalization strategic plan

PUTRAJAYA (November 24): The 2021-2025 Digitization Strategic Plan (PSP) of the Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB) was launched on Wednesday November 24 for the implementation of information and communication technologies initiatives. communication (ICT) for rural communities, involving an allocation of 28 million ringgit.

Rural Development Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid said the PSP, which includes four strategic axes over five years and supported by 14 digitization strategies and 78 programs, would be monitored by the ministry to ensure that its implementation is on the right track.

“The plan is a dynamic and living document that needs to be improved and periodically evaluated by the KPLB through scheduled reviews,” he said at a press conference after launching the PSP and attending the meeting. KPLB monthly here on Wednesday.

The four pillars of the PSP are the consolidation of an integrated and inclusive digital service, the strengthening of the digital infrastructure based on the most recent and secure technologies, the empowerment of the culturalization and professionalism of ICT and global governance and sustainable use of ICT.

“The PSP is the translation of the KPLB’s commitment to efforts to define the strategy for implementing digital transformation to make the thriving rural program a success,” he said.

Through the PSP, he said, the ministry supports the public sector digitalization strategic plan 2021-2025 as a catalyst for a sustainable government agenda to shape a digital society and ensure that rural communities do not not be left behind in the digital age.

Mahdzir said that through the plan, the KPLB would focus on improving 191 rural community centers nationwide, which involves an allocation of RM8.5 million, for each center to be equipped with fast internet service.

He said the ministry had held meetings with the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia to discuss proposals to boost internet access in 10,845 kindergartens and nurseries under the Department of Community Development.

“If the process goes smoothly, it will be implemented in the middle of next year,” he added.

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