The power of the rural economy long underestimated

Fijian Minister of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management Inia Seruiratu met with District Advisory Councilors (DACs) stationed in communities in Serua and Namosi provinces to discuss government development programs and development plans. ‘other development needs identified in the field.

Addressing the meeting today, Minister Seruiratu stressed the need for DAC members to be informed about government-led development programs.

He said that in the process of research and development in their service areas, DAC members should ensure that the social and economic benefits of all developments are balanced.

“Rural Fiji can give more to the economy. For a long time we have underestimated the power of the rural economy, we can bring it back, ”Mr. Seruiratu said.

“It’s a small town that is very lucky because the two leaders of the agricultural market are here in Navua.

“I have always talked about creating the environment. People may be poor now, but after a few years, if we do it right, we will only improve the rural economy. So let’s do it right.

Minister Seruiratu urged DAC members to build partnerships with communities.

He said it could help the ministry implement the developments.

He also reiterated the need for DAC members to remind members of their respective communities to build their houses according to standards in order to ensure their protection and also minimal loss in future disasters.

As part of yesterday’s meeting, Department Heads (HODs) from various government ministries and organizations also briefed the Minister on the status of their operations in Serua and Namosi provinces.

Over 70 percent of the population of Serua province fall under the DAC, while only 20 percent of the population of Namosi province are served by DAC members.

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