The rural economy is the pillar of the national economy: Yogi

Neglected for decades, the Musahar and Vantangiya communities were front and center during Diwali celebrations at Jungle Tikoniya Number 3 on Monday.

Addressing the assembly on this occasion, the CM addressed his greetings to the population and declared that the rural economy was the pillar of the national economy. If the villages are strong and self-reliant, the districts and the state will also grow, he said.

He claimed that the dual-engine government at the center and in the state delivers the benefits of government welfare programs to the people without discrimination. He said the construction of 10 crore toilets, 3 crore PM Awas houses, free electricity for about 4 crore people, connection to LPG and distribution of free rations to 80 crore people as well as health insurance coverage to 60 crore people through the Ayushmaan Bharat scheme was examples of welfare schemes reaching the public with honesty. He called him Ram Rajya.

He also laid the foundation stone for a solid waste management project in 95 villages worth 34.55 crores and a joint service center project worth 2.48 crores.

The CM has also initiated development projects worth 21.10 crore. He said that these development works, streetlights and wedding houses were for ordinary people, as his government was trying to raise their standard of living.

He claimed that the government was trying to establish a harmonious society and recalled that the right to independence of the Musahr and Vantangiyas had been denied by previous governments. He claimed that the BJP has taken several initiatives to ensure that these communities live in dignity.

He visited the exhibition and booths of various departments set up to inform people about the government’s various welfare programs.

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