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Return of the policy

As the 12-day period of mourning ended on Monday September 19 at the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II, politicians returned to their offices and to parliament.

In my editorial, I commended the efforts of all event-related planning, noting that a long-term strategy and well-motivated staff were needed for all areas to succeed.

This week has seen a flurry of announcements, with mid-week details of an energy price cap for businesses that will halve the cost of gas and electricity until March 2023.

However, rural groups have condemned the more restricted support program for those dependent on fuel oil.

Then Friday marked a watershed moment for new Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, who unveiled a new set of measures to boost economic growth in an unofficial budget.

These included scrapping the planned increase in National Insurance, extending the annual investment allowance and scrapping the top rate of income tax, as well as clearing the way for more tax. onshore wind turbines.

Britain’s Fittest Farmer Final

The results of Britain’s Fittest Farmers final were revealed this week after 24 finalists who made it through the qualifying round sweated it out during grueling all-day training.

weekly farmersThe annual competition aims to promote physical and mental well-being in agriculture, and this year saw the inclusion of an over 40 category for the first time.

You can watch video of all the action and hear from the winners.

Woe to the pigs

The price paid to many pork producers has remained stubbornly below the cost of production for two years now, and a growing number of entrepreneurs are choosing to stop production.

The herd of breeding females has fallen to less than 261,000, from 313,000 in June 2021, and total industry losses now stand at around £600million.

Analysts say the industry could go from having to kill pigs for welfare in August to having pork shortages just four months later, in this report from F.W.Michael Priestley, Senior Reporter.

Late fertilizer deliveries

Fertilizer prices remain stubbornly high amid the current energy crisis, with the fall in the value of the pound sterling adding to traders’ woes.

Mid-week there was limited supply of imported ammonium nitrate, both Lithan and Pulan, at anywhere between £850/t and £900/t, while CF Fertilizer would be well behind with its planned deliveries.

High prices will likely mean greater interest in alternative technologies that can help reduce the use of artificial fertilizers, including a new piece of kit that can increase the nitrogen content of liquid manure.

The machine is being tested in the UK, including on Buckinghamshire dairy farmer Neil Dyson’s Holly Green Farm, which is home to the Arla Innovation Centre.

The test results show an average improvement in yield of 36% and an improvement in nitrogen uptake of 31%, compared to untreated slurry.

New info about Valtra

Will there be a queue to pocket a Q? Oli Mark asks this question while browsing Valtra’s latest offering, the Q305.

Massey Ferguson and Fendt’s sister brand may be a little underdog by comparison, but farmers can appreciate the continuation of the proven 7.4-litre engine in this new model – it’s been used for a decade now in other machines. .

One farm where she is unlikely to appear is that of North Yorkshire farmers Tom and Richard Sanderson.

The busy mixed farmers have a fleet of six Fendts with a total of 97,000 hours on their clocks, and they say maintenance and repair costs have been minimal compared to financing and depreciation on newer models.

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