To promote natural agriculture, women become messengers: The Tribune India

Shimla, December 28

Rural women chosen as “Krishi Sakhis” (community resources) for agriculture-related activities under the National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) have become the messengers of natural agriculture in Himachal. .

To raise awareness

Natural agriculture cuts costs and improves nutrition and we need to break this psyche and educate farmers to embrace non-chemical agriculture for better results. Chiter Rekha, pradhan, panchayat of Tundal

Women involved in training in natural agricultural techniques, in concept sowing at the level of the village organization, in training and promotion of ecological practices, in the promotion of the agro-food garden and in the management of seed banks by the ‘Himachal Pradesh Prakritik Khushhal Kisan (PK3Y) Yojana is changing mindsets, with a focus on sustainable agriculture, income, environment and nutrition.

Kanta Devi, 58, from Kwara village in Mashobra block in Shimla, who has been practicing natural farming in polyhouses and open fields with family members for a few years, says: “I have been nominated as’ Krishi Sakhi ‘a few months ago and since then I have formed seven self-help groups of women and members of village organizations in my region.

“Women are the main labor force in agricultural fields across the country. It is therefore always effective if women are trained and the message on agriculture is disseminated only by women ”, said Dr Suneel Chandel, consultant (trainings) at the State Project Implementation Unit. (SPIU), PK3Y.

So far, 23 trainings have been organized for 502 “Krishi Sakhis” in natural agricultural techniques in 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh. Their farm exhibition tours are also underway. In total, 1.53 lakh farming families in Himachal Pradesh have adopted natural agriculture partially or totally on 9,192 hectares. – TNS

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