UFU launches manifesto for 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly elections

The manifesto will be distributed to all political parties in Northern Ireland ahead of the election, which will take place on May 5.

UFU President Victor Chestnutt explained: “In our UFU manifesto, we have highlighted our vision of a productive, profitable and progressive agricultural sector that can benefit the environment, the consumer and the economy.

“We are world leaders in high quality food production, setting the bar for animal welfare and environmental standards.

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“We support the food and beverage industry, the largest local manufacturing sector, allowing us to make a fundamental contribution to the economy while supporting rural and urban communities.

“Our unique farm family structure is a key part of the fabric of NI and it is essential that agriculture be supported as we move forward”

He continued: “We have set out key strategic actions in a number of important policy areas, including climate change, future agricultural policy, the NI protocol, UK trade deals, labor shortages and the bovine tuberculosis, as well as other sector specific issues that need to be addressed urgently.

“At the time of writing the manifesto, Russia had not invaded Ukraine, but now the consequences of the ongoing attack pose a huge threat to the world’s food supply and input costs continue to rise. arrow.

“In particular, the price of energy and fertilizers, which have a strong impact on the cost of production.

“The cost of inputs for farmers has reached unprecedented levels, so much so that the main concern for consumers is no longer price, but availability.

“We are monitoring the situation daily and are aware that action will likely be required to address the impact here at NI of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Chestnutt concluded.

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