Vegetable farming is now a profitable business in Rangpur

Livelihoods of farmers improve, rural economy gets a boost

RANGPUR: Vegetable farming has become a lucrative business for farmers improving their livelihoods and fortunes while boosting the rural economy in the agricultural region of Rangpur in recent years.

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war, many people managed to grow vegetables on farmland, in arctic char areas and farms and meet nutritional demand while earning better profits to lead a normal life.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) officials said vegetables are grown all year round during Rabi, Kharif-1 and Kharif-2 seasons, bringing self-reliance to many farmers in the region’s five districts. , reports BSS.

DAE’s additional director for Rangpur region, Mohammad Shah Alam, said that vegetable farming adopting new cultivation patterns and technologies has become a profitable scheme under the changed climatic conditions in recent times.

“Along with huge government aid and easy-term agricultural loans, some NGOs are also providing quality seeds, inputs and the latest technology to farmers to boost year-round vegetable production in the region” , did he declare.

After achieving repeated outstanding production with excellent market prices every year for the past 13 years, farmers are bringing more land to vegetable cultivation in the region, both on the mainland and in the char areas since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the last Rabi season, farmers produced over 1.01 million (10.10 lakh) tons of vegetables from 40,116 hectares of land at the average yield rate of 25.18 tons per hectare of land in the region.

“Similarly, farmers produced 4,89,044 tons of vegetables from 27,150 hectares of land at an excellent average yield rate of 18.01 tons per hectare of land during the Kharif-1 season which has just ended in the region,” Alam said.

In addition, farmers have grown vegetables on 14,424 hectares of land during the current Kharif-2 season in Rangpur agricultural region where harvesting of vegetables is currently ongoing.

“If climatic conditions remain favorable, a bumper production of over 0.22 million (2.27 lakh) tonnes of summer vegetables is likely during this Kharif-2 season in the region,” Alam added.

Market sources said that Kharif-2 vegetables have already appeared in abundance in local markets with excellent prices that make farmers happy.

Speaking to the news agency, farmers Mohan Ali, Nurul Islam, Solaiman Ali and Abdul Hye from different villages in Rangpur said they have become self-sufficient by growing vegetables on their farmlands and properties over the past few years. last 13 years.

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