Village of Masset Receives StrongerBC Rural Development Grants

Residents of Masset and the surrounding Haida Gwaii region will benefit from three new infrastructure projects focused on enhancing tourism and local food production activities.

This will be done through nearly $1 million in StrongerBC Rural Development Grants.

“Building resilient communities and supporting rural economic development as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic is a key part of our StrongerBC economic plan,” said Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation. “Through this funding, the Village of Masset and Old Massett Village Council will be able to create more jobs and provide invaluable services to the residents who depend on them.

The province is providing over $540,000 to the Village of Masset for upgrades to the Masset seaplane terminal and boat launch. The funding supports the replacement of the existing seaplane float and boat ramp in Masset Harbor and will include the installation of a float for the nearby public boat launch.

The Village of Masset is also benefiting from $50,000 for the Masset Market Finishings project. The funding will provide interior and exterior finishes and kitchen equipment to the Masset Market, which will be the future home of the Masset Farmer’s Market as well as a workshop and gallery for the Masset Artisan Cooperative.

“Here at the Village of Masset, we know how important economic diversification is,” said Barry Pages, Mayor of the Village of Masset. “Thanks to this funding, our village is getting a welcome facelift that will improve the area for years to come.”

In addition, the province is contributing nearly $370,000 to the Old Massett Village Council’s year-round food crop project. The project will purchase, install and operate a commercial hydroponic greenhouse operation, which will help to enhance local food security for all community members.

“Supporting communities with what they know they need is essential to building a thriving and diverse rural network of communities. These new supports for the Village of Masset and the Village of Old Massett Council, as well as nearby farmers’ markets, shared art spaces, transportation hubs and year-round greenhouses, are all great examples,” said Roly Russell, Parliamentary Secretary for Rural and Rural Affairs. Regional development. “I am thrilled that we are able to help these local champions diversify and grow the local economy, as well as build resilience and add energy to the local food production system. »

The StrongerBC Economic Plan moves British Columbia forward by tackling today’s challenges, while building an economy that works for everyone.

The plan builds on British Columbia’s strong economic recovery and aims to address two long-standing challenges – inequality and climate change – by closing the skills gap, building resilient communities and helping businesses and people to make the transition to clean energy solutions. The plan sets out two main goals for the province – inclusive growth and clean growth – and proposes six missions to keep British Columbia on track.


Donald Edgars, Chief Councillor, Old Massett Village Council

“For G̱aw Tlaagee, Old Massett, the introduction of a hydroponic greenhouse creates a more sustainable way to grow crops year-round and embark on new business ventures that will greatly benefit our community. We have relearned how vulnerable we are to food sovereignty through COVID-19, and to dependence on ferries and economic shifts. It will help us create a new economy and give our next generation a new way to support themselves. »

Jennifer Rice, MP for North Coast –

“These improvements will not only benefit local residents, but will also boost tourism, create new jobs and help strengthen the economy throughout Haida Gwaii. These are key investments for a region that has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. »

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