Vizag police encourage vegetable cultivation to eradicate ganja cultivation

Visakhapatnam: Rural police in Vizag have started distributing seeds of vegetables, silver oak and young eucalyptus trees to villagers in G Madugula to wean them from growing ganja.

Recall that the Andhra Pradesh police decided to explore alternative cultures in order to eradicate the cultivation of ganja in the Vizag agency. The horticultural department identified a few alternative crops and sent a detailed report to the government.

As a pilot project under Operation Parivartna, the seed distribution program was launched on Friday in the village of Rasaveedhi under the leadership of Boitili Panchayat of G Madugula Mandal in the Vizag agency.

Police distributed seeds and saplings with the support of ITDA-Paderu and the Rythu Nestham Foundation.

“We have decided to distribute seeds and saplings to all villages under G Madugula Manal in the Vizag agency in the coming days so that farmers can cultivate alternative crops,” said Satyanarayana, inspector of G Madugula.

It’s more profitable than growing ganja, police said. Law enforcement officials said seeds of tomatoes, mirchi, cabbage, brinjal and boudoir had been distributed to 104 farmers in Rasaveedhi village which has 114 households.

Farmers were told to use drip irrigation and to avoid using fertilizers and pesticides. The Department of Agriculture, the Rythunestam Foundation and ITDA will monitor and help farmers grow vegetables.

Pepper is also presented as an alternative. It will bring in Rs 5 lakh per acre. “The agriculture department is also doing soil tests for the cultivation of strawberries and dragon fruit, a cash crop that would bring in more money than ganja. The marketing department would be responsible for organizing the lifting of the stock so that farmers do not lose their produce, ”police said. noted.

Horticulture department officials said that strawberry, dragon fruit, avocado, Jaji, Japatri, Tulasi, Roselle tea flower, Mucuna Pruriens (Dulagondi in local parlance), Bird’s Eye chili, Citrodora, Palmarosa and Cuscus grass ( Vatti Veru in the local language), and the like are the best alternative cultures to ganja.

“If we can provide good quality seeds, farmers would earn two to three lakh rupees per acre,” officials said.

Officials said that aside from these crops, internally grown coffee and black pepper should also be promoted for higher incomes. Previously 100 black pepper plants were sown on an acre, now 800 can be set up for more yield, they said.

The Ministry of Agriculture also suggests millets, including Rajma, as alternative crops.

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